Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30,2012

Today, Monday April 30, 2012 I went to the Good-Will Store. They had many princess items from Kmart and a Winnie the Pooh lamp (that was broken) from the Disney Store. Neither one I purchased. But I found two items that I did buy.

The first,

A Mickey Mouse Calendar
It's from hallmark (a label on the bottom states Hallmark) but I really thought it was cute!

"Ears to You-2002" Magnet
It's from WDW but it doesn't hold a significance to us since we didn't start going to WDW till 2005 but it was something I liked. lol. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

Today I ventured to the Good Will store only after I went to the local farm to buy pumpkin butter...Yummy.
I had quite a success in finding Disney World Items.

I found yet another Epcot Mug... The Same Mug.

Decided to take a picture with the two mugs together, to let you know it's not the same picture. lol. I was amazed to find the same mug. lol. I just had to get it... lol.

Along with a Epcot McDonalds Glass that features Spaceship earth and the World Showcase countries. Now to find the rest of the set. lol

Both cost me $0.99 yey.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April and Past findings.

Note: None of the Items shown in this blog are for sale. So please do Not ask.

So the month of April has been a good finding month at the good will store. Yes, I might be addicted to the store but I don't buy a lot of things. I mostly go to search for Disney Items after I found a few items a few months ago. Most of my findings are under $10.00 except for 1 thing. My First Disney Find was:

You can only find Figment at Walt Disney World, at Epcot. He came out in the year 2000, so he's not THAT old but I think he's awesome.

My more recent trip to the Good Will store I found a lot of Disney Items. It looked like someone went to Walt Disney World (WDW) just to buy things to donate. Its probably not that case but I was very surprised to see a lot of Disney Items

Epcot Mug
Another great find is this Epcot Mug. I just looked up and there it was. Wow. I was thrilled. At Check out the guy was flinging it like a rag doll, just glad he didn't break it. 

I first spotted the figurines. You can find them at most dollar stores (Dollar Tree) but I have only seen Donald and so I needed them. lol.

Wonderful World  of Disney Trivia 2 The Sequel
I saw this game, opened it up at the store. A few of the moving pieces are missing and Donald is broken. The instructions are also missing but I can probably find em online.

Disney Charades.
Another great find. Didn't think I was going to find anything. 

The reason behind the buying of the 2 items is because they no longer sell these two games in stores. If they did I probably wouldn't have bought them. lol. The tins are dented but with a bit of work I can probably undent them. lol. 

Coronado Springs Refill Mug
This is one of the older generation refill mug from Coronado Springs - Disney Moderate Resort. The date is a year after the resort was built and opened. I bought this for my friend because she loves Donald Duck. (I found this mug for $0.99. It usually sells for $13.99 @ the resorts.)

Mickey Statue
This was one of my most $$ items from the store. I was debating whether or not to get him, but I got him in the end.

My other (non pictured) Disney Findings were:

A Disney World hot plate featuring the castle
A Minnie Mouse Plush
and a porcelin eyore.

Note: I should also point out that I don't buy all the Disney Items there. I buy only items from Walt Disney World. Items from WDW usually have a tag on them unless they state Disney World on them. The 3 things that aren't from Disney World are the statue, the porcelin Eyore and the figurines. I just liked them. lol. 

Edited: Omg. I was rereading all  my blog postings and reread the figment section. What I ment by Figment coming out in 2000 I meant the plush toy...not Figment himself. Figment debuted in the 80's. Sorry for the confusion. 

Disney Findings

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Megan, I am currently 25 years old and have been a huge Disney Fan ever since 2005 when I returned to WDW for my HS graduation gift.

I have been finding Disney Items at a few stores that are not "Disney" owned.
At first I was going to limit this blog to my findings at the Good Will Store, but that of course limits my range of views on where I find Disney Items. I also find DIsney Items at Garage sales and what-not.

So I'm going to post about my Disney Findings, which does not include any Disney Stores or Outlets or any big retailer since of course anybody can find Disney Items there.