Saturday, May 19, 2012


Okay Okay...
I decided that I'm not going to wait to open this contest here. As you might know from reading my blog that I had found a 2002 WDW Magnet at the Goodwill Store. Due to the fact that my mom and I did not go to WDW until 2005 it holds no meaning to us.

Sooo. That gave me a great Idea for a contest. The prize will be the magnet (which is pictured below)

First of all, a must thing for you to do to be able to be included in the contest, is to subscribe to my contest. Yes, It's a must. (Sorry).

The second qualification, is to comment on this post your "magical" moment on your 2002 WDW trip vacation, from a special moment to just your favorite thing from that vacation, whether it will be a favorite souvenir or ride, and you must go into some detail describing why it's your favorite. If you have a magical moment please describe that too in your comment.

The contest is currently OPEN and will come to a close on June 3, 2012 at 5pm. Due to the long period, the closing date & time will be FINAL so please enter between May 19, 2012 and June 3, 2012. 

The Prize:

Wood and Clips

Today's finding went almost unseen!
They had a new cart and I didn't see anything worth wild but when I went around it I spotted two Disney Character items and wondered what they were...

I am not sure how old these are but they are old. You can tell due to the characters shown in the pictures. The costumes look older then the new generation costumes. Also in the Epcot picture, "Dream Finder" is in it but no longer in the park itself.

The second item is a Director's Clip board. It is from MGM Studios (Which is now Disney Hollywood Studios). 

(In the weeks to come, I will be holding a contest.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pins Galore

So I decided to go the GW yesterday and today to see what I could find and I found success. Yey.
I found 2 Pins, (1 yesterday and 1 today)... Disney Pins is very popular with Disney Fans of all ages. I collect them myself and have a good size collection...

here are the pins I found.

One is a name pin...since my name is not Dana I will probably more then likely be trading the pin at the parks when I go back. The second pin is from Rockin Roller Coaster which is at Hollywood Studios. I am not sure if I am going to be trading this pin since it's pretty cool. Both pins for $0.99

The 2nd thing I found at the store was this pencil/pen case. I'm no
t sure if it is from WDW but I really liked it because it has a sketched picture of Mickey Mouse and his best friend, Pluto. This was $0.99

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th Findings

Tonight I went to the G.W Thrift Store and to my astonishment I came across two Disney Theme Park Items but only bought only one of them....The item I chose not to buy was a pluto hat with the snout as the fender of the hat. It was all dirty and cost $5.99.

A set of bell-shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers.... for $0.99. One has a picture of the castle while the other one has a picture of a carousel...

*If possible, if any of you readers can identify when certain Disney items came out, please comment in the comment. I just want to be informed, and not selling any of my Disney Findings.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Small update

For those who have been reading my blog, I want to thank you for doing so. These days I haven't been so lucky finding Disney Theme Park items at the G.W store. There is another Trivia 2 game and Charade game but since I already have them I did not buy them.

I am hoping to have success in the next few weeks or even days even. So please hold on until the next update.