Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pins Galore

So I decided to go the GW yesterday and today to see what I could find and I found success. Yey.
I found 2 Pins, (1 yesterday and 1 today)... Disney Pins is very popular with Disney Fans of all ages. I collect them myself and have a good size collection...

here are the pins I found.

One is a name pin...since my name is not Dana I will probably more then likely be trading the pin at the parks when I go back. The second pin is from Rockin Roller Coaster which is at Hollywood Studios. I am not sure if I am going to be trading this pin since it's pretty cool. Both pins for $0.99

The 2nd thing I found at the store was this pencil/pen case. I'm no
t sure if it is from WDW but I really liked it because it has a sketched picture of Mickey Mouse and his best friend, Pluto. This was $0.99

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