Monday, June 25, 2012

My Opinion: Journey Into Imagination @ Epcot

Journey into Imagination w/ Figment @ Epcot.

    One of my favorite characters at the parks, is Figment, who is the main character in Journey into Imagination w/ Figment. This ride has changed a few times. In my opinion the original first ride w/ Figment & Dreamfinder was the best. The current ride is a more kiddish ride, but I still like browsing the Figment Gift Store.

    After the ride, you come into a little play area where you can email a Figment to friends and family back home, play conductor w/ figment and browse the gift shop.

  Sometimes I hope that they will bring back the original Figment as I heard that the original ride is still there on top of the Pyramid. So I heard.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disney World Dining!

W.Disney World Dining...

IS it worth it?
Planning your 1st Trip to Disney is sometimes hard to figure out. Should you get the dinning plan or not? When we first went to Disney World back in 2005, and my father being an accountant, doing the math he had found out that you do in deed save more money being on the dining plan then not being on it.

So we have been using it ever since. It has changed since though. Back in 2005 we would get an appetizer/entree & dessert but now you get the entree and dessert but still it's a lot of food. There are many different plans to get: Dining Basic, Deluxe Dining Plan and Quick Service Plan.
Dining Basic: You get 1 per person : 1 Quick Service,  1 Snack and 1 Table Service.
Quick Service is just that. look at it as getting lunch at a fast food place. For QS You get entre food and drink. And you get the meal yourself online. Table service is like dining out at a little fancier restaurant, lets say: Apple Bee's type restaurant (rather then McDonald's fast food). But don't get me wrong, Disney Food is a lot better @ some restaurants.
Quick Service Dining Plan: You get 2 Quick Services + 1 Snack per person. This you skip the table services.

Deluxe Dining Plan (I would recommend this if you like to eat): includes 3 table services and 2 snacks per person. Disney gives you a lot to eat w/ Table Services. Instead of giving you 1 Quick Service and 1 Snack you get 3 table services. With Deluxe you spend more time eating then doing rides/attractions
New For 2012 - You NOW get a Refillable Mug Per Person.

What is a Refillable Mug?
A refill mug costs $13.99 (the last time I saw). It comes in handy if you are a soda lover /coffee lover and want FREE refills on soda, during your stay at the World Disney World Resort. It works only at the resorts (but I tend to fill it up at Quick service restaurants such as "Electric Umbrella" at Epcot). lol.

Up Next Saturday : More About Dining Plans (ADR's and some recommended restaurants)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Disney/Pixar: Brave

Disney Pixar's BRAVE
in 2D/3D

"Brave" takes place in Scotland, and is about Merida wanting to change her "fate."

*I rate this movie a 5/5 stars since I really liked it. *

This movie is filled with well known celebrities (most from Harry Potter series):  Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, Grey's Anatomy's - Kevin McKidd, along with Craig Ferguson, and John Ratzenberger)

Prior to the movie opening there are previews of Hotel Transylvania & Monsters Inc prequal. There is also a Pixar Short called La Luna which is pretty cute.

Now about Brave... I really was surprised how Brave was. I heard from people on forums how it didn't hold up to Disney Standards but I thought differently after seeing. You can never judge a movie by the film reviews most of the time because all it is really is someone's opinion.
Did you know The Wizard of Oz got bad reviews? (and look at it now).

Anyway. I really liked the story line and the music is really good to say the least. It is also in 3D. What ever Dimension, you should it in, it's really good.

Change of Blog & Name

Okay... I haven't been finding a whole lot Disney things at the Good Will Store (or at garage sales), so I decided to go another way with my blog.

I decided to go Everything Disney but since everything disney wasn't avaible for a blogspot url I decided to go with Everything Disney with a Z. lol. (The "Everything Disney" blog was set up in 2005 but has not been updated.)...


Mondays - My Opinions! Since I haven't received a lot of comments on this blog, I decided to change mondays to my opinions about Disney World Attractions and stuff. 

Tuesdays --- My Day Off.
My Day Off is just that. Everybody needs a day off right?

Wednesdays -
Vynalmation & Pin TradingVynalmation & Pin Trading... Two things Disney related. See my collection of Vynalmation & Pins that I am

Thursdays -  New Things At Disney World/Disney Land

Fridays - Disney MovieReviews
Disney Movie Reviews... Whenever a Disney Movie comes out I'm probably there the first day or so whenever a new movie comes out. Today I will discuss, Brave...Don't spoilers.

Saturdays - W.Disney World Trip Planning Help 
W.Disney World Trip Planning Help. Here I give advice on how to plan a Disney World Vacation, whether it's your first time or you just need another's outlook on the whole matter. lol.

Sundays - Disney Findings....
My original plan for this blog. lol. Whatever I find at the store will be posted here.

Anyway, thanks for following my blog, and I hope you like the new outlook for the blog. :) Please help me by telling your friends about my blog and having them follow.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Tips

Disney Tips.
Every Friday I will have Disney Tips for those planning either their first Disney World trip or their 20th and need extra help/advice etc.

Today's Tips will be about Booking the Vacation 

A Wonderful Thing about Disney World other then the fact it's the happiest place in the world, is that they will take great care of your needs. 

I suggest you staying on Disney Property itself, Disney provides Buses to and from the airport and takes care of your luggage for you, so all you need is yourself and the Disney Package they send you. Disney takes your luggage to your hotel room... Awesome Right?

Along with transportation to and from the airport, staying on property gives you access to transportation to and from the parks from the hotel. Also being a On Property guest, you get to utilize Extra Magic Hour only available to guests staying on Property. EMH is when a certain park is open an hour early in the morning or at least 1-3 hours late at night when all the non property guests go home. Staying on property is great for families with small children, you don't have to find your car with small guests. 

Also on property guests also utilize another great thing! Lets say you are at the parks, and your child (or child @ hearts wants souvenir's as all people do, but you don't want to carry it all day at the parks... All you got to do is send the package either to the front of the park (this works mostly in the morning) or you can send it to your hotel! (Be warned you won't receive the package until the next day). That way you won't have to lug all the souvenirs all day!

How to Plan a Vacation:
1.) Think about when you want to go.
        (My Tip, either the 2nd week in November or right after Thanksgiving weekend). Usually Disney World offers FREE dining during that time, but sometimes that changes.
2.) go to and book your vacation. If you are staying at a Value Resort, I would suggest "Pop Century." If moderate, I would stay away from the Caribbean Beach Resort, we did not quite like that hotel. You spend most of the time on buses rather than on the bus straight to the park).
3.) Dining or Non Dining. (I would suggest Dining Plan).
4.) to Hop or not to hop with the Park Hopper, that is the question.... I would highly suggest the usage of the park hopper. It allows you to go to 2-3-4 parks in one day. It is great if you are on the dining plan so you are not stuck at one park to eat at. (It does cost extra.)
5.) Disney's Magical Express! This is the airport service that will take you to and from the airport (if you aren't renting a car). 

That's it!
Up Next: Disney Dinning Plan.
Have any further questions for booking your reservations? You can email me your questions at for more information

Before I end, you can even order FREE personalized Park Maps and Disney Vacation DVD's on! The Personalized Park Maps make great FREE sounveier's for your room.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now on Facebook!! (and More)

Well, DisneyFindings now has facebook page!
You can find "DisneyFindings" on facebook under the email address of I would have used the email address I use for the blog but I already have it as my main facebook page.

First I would like to shout out to all my followers! Can't believe I have 12 followers! Yey.
Anyway, I was thinking about my blog and thinking about how can I update it more on a weekly basis if I don't find anything at the GW store (or garage sales etc.).

Being a WDW Fanatic, and going practically every year since 2005, I was thinking perhaps I could do a day where I give tips to those who are planning a WDW trip, but want a few extra pointers. Newbie's, I don't think know a whole lot about the place, such as having Advance Diner Reservations and what restaurants are better then others.

Anywho, please let me know what you readers think bout this idea, by leaving a comment here, or message me on facebook above... Don't forget to befriend the blog's facebook for updates!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Books and Christmas Ornaments

Okay, so I know I said I would limit my Disney findings to the parks...but I found a few things that are not necessarily from the parks but are in deed older.

One is  "How to Draw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." You can probably find How to Draw, Disney characters at the Art of Animation Studios at Hollywood Studios...

But How to Draw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an older book. One I have been wanting for a while but could never find. This was a bargain. I was really really surprised when I found this because I was not going to look twice after purchasing my next purchase but I am glad I did. This book cost $0.99!

The next purchase, was extremely rare find. In 1990 Disney came out with "The Rescuer's" about mice rescuing things/people etc. These ornaments at one time at McDonalds, I guess when the movie came out in 1990. The boxes are not in tip top shape but the ornaments are. I also have sebastian from The Little Mermaid I got back then. I wish they would make more of these Ornaments.

Only $0.49 each I decided to get all of them. Lol. I was looking for more but these were the only ones. They did have a lot of toys from McDonald's...wrapped up. I was going to buy all of them but decided against it. lol.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Winner of Contest


Okay, I got some feedback from a few people and decided to edit this post. So, since my blog was new I guess, I only got one contestant for the contest, my friend Claudia, so being the only one I believe she wins the contest. Yey Claudia. 

Anyway, if you have any questions about this blog or things in general, you can email me at 

June 4th and 5th

So, just getting back from vacation, I decided to look at the Good Will Store the previous two days.
I was lucky and unlucky at the same time.

June 4th, I went to the Good Will and found the same Epcot Glass from McDonald.

 It was an unlucky day because I had cut myself at the store when I broke a glass and went to pick up the pieces. The cut was more like a pin prick but still I had to fill out forms to say I wasn't going to seek medical help and/or find them fault at any reason. Why would I? I'm cool. It's not like I broke any bones or anything. But anyway.

Today, June 5th I was not planning to go back but decided since i was up that way. I found two items. Not sure if they are from the Parks but the first item does seem to look like something from the Parks and not from the stores:

It's a Frame Box. I had to clean off the top and some of the sides since it had sticky goop on it.  The second finding of the day was these candles. Again not sure if they are from the parks, but I thought they were cool looking. At first I was iffy if they were Mickey Mouse or just candles coincidentally in the shape of Mickey's as they didn't come in a box.

Hmm... That's about it for this entry. I might go back to the store later in the week. Sometimes I feel like the worker's think I'm crazy going almost every day. lol. As you can see I'm a regular. lol.