Friday, June 22, 2012

Change of Blog & Name

Okay... I haven't been finding a whole lot Disney things at the Good Will Store (or at garage sales), so I decided to go another way with my blog.

I decided to go Everything Disney but since everything disney wasn't avaible for a blogspot url I decided to go with Everything Disney with a Z. lol. (The "Everything Disney" blog was set up in 2005 but has not been updated.)...


Mondays - My Opinions! Since I haven't received a lot of comments on this blog, I decided to change mondays to my opinions about Disney World Attractions and stuff. 

Tuesdays --- My Day Off.
My Day Off is just that. Everybody needs a day off right?

Wednesdays -
Vynalmation & Pin TradingVynalmation & Pin Trading... Two things Disney related. See my collection of Vynalmation & Pins that I am

Thursdays -  New Things At Disney World/Disney Land

Fridays - Disney MovieReviews
Disney Movie Reviews... Whenever a Disney Movie comes out I'm probably there the first day or so whenever a new movie comes out. Today I will discuss, Brave...Don't spoilers.

Saturdays - W.Disney World Trip Planning Help 
W.Disney World Trip Planning Help. Here I give advice on how to plan a Disney World Vacation, whether it's your first time or you just need another's outlook on the whole matter. lol.

Sundays - Disney Findings....
My original plan for this blog. lol. Whatever I find at the store will be posted here.

Anyway, thanks for following my blog, and I hope you like the new outlook for the blog. :) Please help me by telling your friends about my blog and having them follow.

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