Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Tips

Disney Tips.
Every Friday I will have Disney Tips for those planning either their first Disney World trip or their 20th and need extra help/advice etc.

Today's Tips will be about Booking the Vacation 

A Wonderful Thing about Disney World other then the fact it's the happiest place in the world, is that they will take great care of your needs. 

I suggest you staying on Disney Property itself, Disney provides Buses to and from the airport and takes care of your luggage for you, so all you need is yourself and the Disney Package they send you. Disney takes your luggage to your hotel room... Awesome Right?

Along with transportation to and from the airport, staying on property gives you access to transportation to and from the parks from the hotel. Also being a On Property guest, you get to utilize Extra Magic Hour only available to guests staying on Property. EMH is when a certain park is open an hour early in the morning or at least 1-3 hours late at night when all the non property guests go home. Staying on property is great for families with small children, you don't have to find your car with small guests. 

Also on property guests also utilize another great thing! Lets say you are at the parks, and your child (or child @ hearts wants souvenir's as all people do, but you don't want to carry it all day at the parks... All you got to do is send the package either to the front of the park (this works mostly in the morning) or you can send it to your hotel! (Be warned you won't receive the package until the next day). That way you won't have to lug all the souvenirs all day!

How to Plan a Vacation:
1.) Think about when you want to go.
        (My Tip, either the 2nd week in November or right after Thanksgiving weekend). Usually Disney World offers FREE dining during that time, but sometimes that changes.
2.) go to and book your vacation. If you are staying at a Value Resort, I would suggest "Pop Century." If moderate, I would stay away from the Caribbean Beach Resort, we did not quite like that hotel. You spend most of the time on buses rather than on the bus straight to the park).
3.) Dining or Non Dining. (I would suggest Dining Plan).
4.) to Hop or not to hop with the Park Hopper, that is the question.... I would highly suggest the usage of the park hopper. It allows you to go to 2-3-4 parks in one day. It is great if you are on the dining plan so you are not stuck at one park to eat at. (It does cost extra.)
5.) Disney's Magical Express! This is the airport service that will take you to and from the airport (if you aren't renting a car). 

That's it!
Up Next: Disney Dinning Plan.
Have any further questions for booking your reservations? You can email me your questions at for more information

Before I end, you can even order FREE personalized Park Maps and Disney Vacation DVD's on! The Personalized Park Maps make great FREE sounveier's for your room.  

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