Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disney World Dining!

W.Disney World Dining...

IS it worth it?
Planning your 1st Trip to Disney is sometimes hard to figure out. Should you get the dinning plan or not? When we first went to Disney World back in 2005, and my father being an accountant, doing the math he had found out that you do in deed save more money being on the dining plan then not being on it.

So we have been using it ever since. It has changed since though. Back in 2005 we would get an appetizer/entree & dessert but now you get the entree and dessert but still it's a lot of food. There are many different plans to get: Dining Basic, Deluxe Dining Plan and Quick Service Plan.
Dining Basic: You get 1 per person : 1 Quick Service,  1 Snack and 1 Table Service.
Quick Service is just that. look at it as getting lunch at a fast food place. For QS You get entre food and drink. And you get the meal yourself online. Table service is like dining out at a little fancier restaurant, lets say: Apple Bee's type restaurant (rather then McDonald's fast food). But don't get me wrong, Disney Food is a lot better @ some restaurants.
Quick Service Dining Plan: You get 2 Quick Services + 1 Snack per person. This you skip the table services.

Deluxe Dining Plan (I would recommend this if you like to eat): includes 3 table services and 2 snacks per person. Disney gives you a lot to eat w/ Table Services. Instead of giving you 1 Quick Service and 1 Snack you get 3 table services. With Deluxe you spend more time eating then doing rides/attractions
New For 2012 - You NOW get a Refillable Mug Per Person.

What is a Refillable Mug?
A refill mug costs $13.99 (the last time I saw). It comes in handy if you are a soda lover /coffee lover and want FREE refills on soda, during your stay at the World Disney World Resort. It works only at the resorts (but I tend to fill it up at Quick service restaurants such as "Electric Umbrella" at Epcot). lol.

Up Next Saturday : More About Dining Plans (ADR's and some recommended restaurants)

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