Monday, June 25, 2012

My Opinion: Journey Into Imagination @ Epcot

Journey into Imagination w/ Figment @ Epcot.

    One of my favorite characters at the parks, is Figment, who is the main character in Journey into Imagination w/ Figment. This ride has changed a few times. In my opinion the original first ride w/ Figment & Dreamfinder was the best. The current ride is a more kiddish ride, but I still like browsing the Figment Gift Store.

    After the ride, you come into a little play area where you can email a Figment to friends and family back home, play conductor w/ figment and browse the gift shop.

  Sometimes I hope that they will bring back the original Figment as I heard that the original ride is still there on top of the Pyramid. So I heard.

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