Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disney Trivia Game (1st)

"The Wonderful World of Disney
Trivia Game"

There are 2 Trivia Games. The first which comes comes in a ROUND circular film tin and the sequal comes in a rectangle tin... 

I am SELLING the First Trivia Game.
I am a huge Disney Fanatic and thought I knew everything about Disney.
But yet the the game stumped me! I lost 2 out of 3 games!
(I have 2 of these games)

So I am Selling 1 on EBAY!
(With an Incentive)

It is listed on ebay for $25.00 starting auction,
but there is an incentive for the BUY now feature. When You buy this with BUY NOW we are offering a FREE Eeyore Mug straight from Walt Disney World. 

The game pieces are ALL there! Including the original Instructions. 
The game has been opened but comes in the original box. 
If you are interested in viewing this on ebay the

Item Number is:

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