Saturday, August 4, 2012

Disney World Snacks...

Okay. One thing I wanted to let you in on are Disney World Snacks.
Going every year, allows us to try new things and to whether or not to get them again. We started out just getting the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream on the sticks but over time we grew to try new things...

What our favorites are:

- Dole Whips (Pineapple Flavor Ice Cream) Location: Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom
- Funnel Cakes ... Location(s): Sleepy Hallow (MK) and a Kiosk booth in Hollywood Studios
- Bagged Caramel Popcorn...Location: Resort Cafeteria... At least I know it is in Pop Century. I really loved the caramel popcorn. We had recently found these on our 2011 trip for the flight home. They were even better the day after we opened them. lol.
- Mickey Mouse Ice Cream on a Stick ... Locations: all parks... You can't leave Disney World unless you have at least 1 Mickey Mouse Ice Cream!
- Pop Century Ice Cream Sundae's .... Location Pop Century. Every year we have been to Disney we usually get a Ice Cream Sundae on our last day. It's a tradition we have.

We have tried other things in 2011 like the School Bread  in the Norway Pavilion Bakery that everyone on raved about. We did not like it. We found it a little dry and too sugary in the inside.

Another thing with being on the Disney Dining Plan, is you might not use all your snacks, so you can buy some bagged stuff to take home from the Cafeteria from Resorts such as the Caramel Popcorn.

I try to avoid using a snack for liquid stuff... I mean, you might have the refill cup for beverages and you do get your morning coffee with breakfast.. lol.

But if you do need a liquid and have a refill cup, I use my refill cup in the quick service places where you can fill your mug up yourself Electric Umbrella, Backlot Express are two, to name (I know there's one in Animal Kingdom but not sure the name. lol. 

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