Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Great Disney WORLD Blog

A Great Disney World Blog

Tonight, I ventured out in search for other Disney World blogs and found one I quickly grew fond of. The website address:

What I like about this blog is all the photos and the things that he does and doesn't like at the parks.
I came upon one photo he took of a shelf in Epcot's Museum of a mug with figment on top.
Here's the picture:

Figment is one of my childhood's favorite characters and the ride used to be awesome until they changed it something more kiddish...and shall I say a bit "smelly." lol. If you have ridden this ride you will know what I mean. lol. I try to purchase something figmenty every time we go to Disney world but the past trips have been a bit disappointing as I couldn't find anything I liked. 

But anyway, my point in showing you this picture? Notice the mug under neath the figment statue? 
As you might recall I found 2 of these beautiful mugs at my local Good Will Store. I was surprised to see this mug in the closure here at the Epcot least that's where I think this picture is taken at. Lol. 


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