Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Today, I went to a new Good Will, that just opened today. It was packed. Right before we got on line to cash out, I just happened to come across a Figment pencil. I found it on a shelf I looked at 3-4x and I know it was not there prior to the time I found it...
So here's the pencil. I got it for $0.99 where as if you bought it at Epcot it cost $4.00! I save $3. But it is missing the eraser. But who cares its figment!! (Figment was (and still is) my favorite character at Epcot.). 

The pencil comes with a pencil sharpener that says "Epcot" on the side of it (not pictured). 
My birthday is in a few weeks and one of my bestest friends got me something "figment" however I do 
not know what that is... any more hints?

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