Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disney Universe Wii - A Review

So recently like 1 week or so ago I bought Disney Universe for the Nintendo Wii. I thought it would get bored fast just collecting gold (which are shaped as Mickey's) but it's more then that. You fight bad guys who get in your way, finish quests and collect Disney Costumes. True I only got to the 2nd world of Alice In Wonderland before deleting my saved game because truthfully I died soo many times, I ended up with a bad score. Then I kept forgetting to do stuff so more deleting of the saved I play as Donald Duck but there are more costumes. I can't wait to get Stitch costume (and hopefully he's not the last guy to get). 

I really love this game and  if you are a Disney fan, who loves fighting games and quests then this game is for you. It's awesome. 

My Rating 5/5 Stars. 

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