Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney World Jackpot


Today I went to, two good wills, the first one I hit the mega load aka Jackpot of Disney World items from early 90's into the 20's...First I found Old plastic cups. There are 6 to a set from the Magic Kingdom, I only found 3. 


Main Street

and Tomorrowland (I got 3 of this one)

I also found 3 mickey mouse cups 

I was very shocked to see them. If anybody needs a Tomorrowland cup to finish your collection, I will do a trade for Adventureland and the last missing one which is Fantasyland. 

The second set of 4 plastic cups I found was from
Chef Mickeys. 

Not sure how old this one is. The other cups were from 1990.
last but not least, my last Disney World Item I bought was a 2000 Snowglobe

I went to another Good Will Store where I noticed they had 3 cups from the Disney Cruise Line (pictured below) but I decided against buying them for $0.99 each. 

As you can also notice my key chain of the mickey mouse key chain I also got that at a good will store last year. :) 

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