Sunday, October 21, 2012

Even More Success!!!

Even More Success!

So I went back Saturday to the GW in N. NJ and found a boat load of stuff. I found 4 Disney Stuff Characters right from the parks. One is a Donald Duck, goofy, Dopey, and a rare Chip from Rescue Rangers (Sorry no pics)

I also found 2 Disney World Frame Magnets...One is Mickey mouse, which is missing a back and another one is of Cinderella's Castle with Tinkerbell.

Also just wanted to share my new addition to my vinylmation collection. I got Minnie Mouse dressed up as a Witch. I got it for FREE off with points I saved up. Hehehe. I thought her hat would come off because most vinylmations with hats the hats usually come off, but not her's which i guess is a good thing so that I don't loose it. lol

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