Friday, October 5, 2012

October Findings...So far

October Findings....So far

So it's October. Time to carve those pumpkins, decorate the house with spookiful things and don't forget the trick or treat candy? Or perhaps your a Halloween Scrooge and like to give out raisins. lol. Anyway, it's October...October 5th to be exact. I celebrated my 26 birthday...alone I might add. It's not fun when you don't have any friends to celebrate it but then again I do have friends...just not local. 

Anyway, today I learned my lessson. Number 1 Rule of shopping good will:
#1. Always Buy the Item when you see it. Don't assume it will be there later when you sit in traffic
to go back and get it. That's what happened to me tonight. Argh. I am still punching myself in the head. Today I saw the coolest Mickey Mouse bag, but it had a scruff mark and it was $20.00. So I didn't buy it. However I did buy:

So when i did get home I realized I should have bought the bag. So I hopped in the car and went the fastest way around the main road with MAJOR traffic. I did sat in some traffic but probably not as bad as the main road. When I did get to the Good Will I almost got a ticket because I decided to drive down the side strip because it wasn't that far from the exit. I saw a cop and thank god he didn't give me a ticket. 
But to my dismay the purse was not there. 

I was upset but as I continued to walk around hoping that someone picked it up and moved it somewhere I came across a piece of luggage with Mickey Mouse on it and another awesome thing.


As you can see the tags are still on the luggage. Someone bought the luggage new from Sears for reduced price for $44.27. I clearly did NOT pay that. I paid $9.99 for it! it's pretty new but I think the removable toiletry bag is missing. But hey, other then that it's brand new!!! and I love my Tinkerbell too. 

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