Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney World Trip 2012

I just got home from another Disney World Trip. During the next few days I'll be reviewing things like restaurants, parks, food, and what not. This blog entry will be focusing on the week I went.

I went from Nov 12-18th the week BEFORE Thanksgiving and AFTER the Food and Wine Festival. Last year I was able to walk right onto the rides w/ little or no wait. However this year was more crowded due to the new marathon they have added the weekend before. There were waits up to 50 minutes for some rides
and had to get fast passes for many of the rides.

I was a little disappointed in this trip due to the recent additions to Disney like the marathon and changes in rides and food. So I will probably start looking for another week to go. I just wish Disney would STOP adding new marathon and making every freaking month more crowded year after year.

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