Sunday, December 30, 2012

Picturistic Uno Findings

Anyway today 12-31-2012 I went to the Good Will Store and found an awesome thing...

A Frame!

it's cool. It says 100 Years of Magic. It opens up 

to store a 4x6 picture that is surrounded by Mickey's and
                                      has a commemorative pin (left) which is pretty cool.

the pin matches the front of the frame door... pretty cool. 

I went to the other Good Will store where I found a glass that feature's the castle and this Disney
Uno game. I wouldn't have bought it if it was just the cards but it came with a light up thing that talks. The fireworks glow to show you what color to play. Too bad I don't have anybody to play with me.

Friday, December 28, 2012

More Disney Finds for December

December Finds Part 2

So it's December 28th, which means Christmas is over, but they still show Christmas/Holiday commericals on television. Christmas was okay. Anyway, I forgot to mention that I found some awesome Disney World Items earlier this month like a week or so ago before I got sick. Argh. 

First up...
Donald Duck Bobble Head
I thought he was really cool.
He is not broken in any way which I thought was amazing. I am curious why people buy things they do at Disney World only to have it end up in Good Will. I am a Disney Fanatic, and won't be giving anything from Disney World to good will any time soon.

Second up is
The Magic Kingdom Board Game.
This board game was under $10.00 and everything was there surprisingly.Usually people donate games that are missing something or other but everything was still there. My mom and I played the other day and of course she won. One thing that gets on my nerves is that all the board games and game system games are based on Disneyland and not Disney World...very disappointing. 

Thirdly but not least, 
a figment plush. 
Okay. So i didn't technically find this myself. My good BFF in Texas bought this for Christmas. Yes I think she found it at a good will by her place... Thank you Claudia for this awesome find. The awesome thing about it was that I don't have this plush. I have a similar one which is quite bigger then this plush and I think it says "Figment" on the shirt. Yey. 

This is my last post for 2012. I will be going on a small vacation and won't be returning till either 1-2-2013 or 1-4-2013 but whenever, it will be 2013... I can't believe I have been posting since early 2012. Perhaps I will make it one year since I started... Wow. 

Have a Happy and Safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Finds

December Finds

Wow. I was in shock today at the Good Will store. I went with little hope since not every time I find something Disney, which is good for my budget. But today I found two things...

A Figment Bank
from 1982

This was a last minute find even though I must have looked RIGHT at it a couple of times. It was in with the figurines on the 3rd shelf down. I was at the counter at check out when I decided "Okay, I will take a double look." Sometimes I'll walk around the store 2-3 times and on the 2nd or 3rd time I'll find something I over looked. I was in shock when I found this...and it was only $0.50 (fifty cents)

My 1st find of the day was a porcelain White Rabbit
from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland."

As you remember, I had found the cheshire cat and Alice a few months ago and now I'm ecstatic that I now have the set (i think). Yey. He is a bit frayed. A few area's on him, the paint is chipped but for 99 cents where can you go wrong.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disney World Restaurants

Okay, now that I have enough time to talk about Disney World Restaurants, here it goes.
We went to Disney November 12-18th and we had 6 table service in which we ate at restaurants.

Here is my rating:

11-12-2012 ---- Raglan Road (DownTown Disney)
I give this place 4/5 stars. I had the Italiano Lambo which is pasta and lamb on top. They had put too much lamb and not enough pasta in this dish which makes it over whelming with lamb. For dessert I had the bread pudding which is A LOT so we brought it back to our room.

11-13-2012 ---- Yak and Yeti (Animal Kingdom)
I give this place 3/5 stars mostly because the food is soo rich here. We both had the duck which is about 1/2 a duck each. The fried won-tons for dessert were yummy, but we were stuffed before we got to them. Fried won-ton's with cream cheese filling is not good a day old. The only positive about this meal on this day was the fact I found $5.00 on the floor, which I spent on a souvenir.

11-14-2012 ---- Coral Reef (Epcot)
I give Coral Reef a 5/5. It was my favorite out of the trip. Their new Lobster pasta dish is to die for and the Chocolate Wave is extremely good. Another fact I like bout this restaurant this trip was the fact we were seated right next to the aquarium.

11-15-2012 ---- Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge)
I give this place a 0/5. It sucked. I tried at least 1 plate full of the main dinner and one to 2 plates of the desserts, especially the popular zebra domes that everyone raves about on I have no idea what they are raving about unless the chiefs put a bad plate out. I found them rather disgusting. Argh. By the time the meal was over we (my mom and I) were both in the ladies room. We will NOT be going back to this place again.

11-16-2012 ---- Via Napoli (Epcot)
This restaurant I give 4/5. They don't have a lot of things to choose from other then pizza and 3-4 pastas and parmigna. I had a pasta with chicken and peas which was okay. The dessert of zappoli's was the main good thing at this restaurant.

11-17-2012 --- Kona Cafe (Polynesian Hotel)
I give this restaurant a 4/5. I really like their duck but that was only after the main food thing that I wanted was no longer on the menu. :(. I had the kalua Tart for dessert which was GREAT. I would go back to this restaurant agin.

The next trip I want to go to "Be Our Guest" in the new Fantasyland Expansion.