Monday, December 30, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks --- A Movie Review

Saving Mr. Bank's.

Normally I would be posting a trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, but seeing it got way more emphasis than it really truly deserved in my book, I decided to put a picture of Mr. Disney with Julie Andrews and Mrs. Travers.
Just returned from seeing "Saving mr. Banks." I don't know what to say about this movie. I guess you can say I'm speechless. As I was going into it all whole heartedly, come on, I bet you did too with all the talk and emphasis on this movie.

I expected a whole nother movie entirely. Anyway, I left the movie in tears, literally. But the reasons may not be simple.
Did I get sad when Travers father died? Yes
Did I get teary when I saw Travers (Thompson) in tears? Yes.

Many other aspects brought me to tears after seeing the movie and many of you might think it's a bit funny or stupid. Another reason I was in tears myself, was because of Tom Hanks version of Disney. Many people think he wasn't good but to me, he was. I guess it's because I see (the real) Walt Disney as a role model. He, an adult, had a mind as a child but still had the morals and physical being as an adult, in the 60's.

This made my thinking, more clearer...I was simply born in the wrong decade.
Back in the 60's as the movie was themed seemed simpler. People were simply more "kind hearted." I guess some people still are, but in my life, they don't exist. I would have loved to meet Walt Disney as my dad once did at Disneyland back in the 60's. I wondered what it was like to shake Walt Disney's hand or just to stand in the same room and get his autograph. Yes, my dad met Mr. Walt Disney and yes he got his autograph on an E-Ticket booklet, which has simply "disappeared," from this universe, since we cannot find it. I yearn for that E-Ticket booklet hoping (and wishing) it is still among the things at my grandparents house. Not only because he signed it, but because it was once "held" in the hands of Walt Disney.

I know you are probably saying I shouldn't praise Mr. Disney as if he was some kind of Saint, but in my eyes he's pretty damn close.

Anyway, back to the movie. I thought it was a Good movie, sadly not as a triumph like the commercials emphasis it to be. But, I will probably buy the DVD none the less.

My Rating 3/5

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Review Of Disney's Frozen --- Movie Review

So I was debating today to see "Frozen." I am so glad I did. I can't say enough good things about this movie. It was filled with soo many beautiful songs that I might actually have to buy the sound track too. lol. Idina Menzel (who voices Elsa) sings beautifully. If you don't recognize the name Idina Menzel, you might when you see "Enchanted."

Anyway.... I am a sucker for the classic Disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast which is my all time favorite. I think eventually this movie will be considered as a classic....someday. (I hope). I really loved this movie so much. It will keep you on your toes (mentally speaking). There seemed to be surprises behind every door.

Hmm. Anyway. That's about it. FYI: There's a mini movie prior to the start of this movie. It's funny...and unique.

I give Frozen 5 stars out of 5 stars. This is a movie I will actually have to own...or rent a few dozen times. lol. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's "Christmas" "Time" Again!

Anyway, this past week I found a few great things. A few things are just in time for Christmas. This past on Thursday I went to the two good wills that are further out. The first one I didn't see anything but at the second one I did. :)

I did come across a few Disney items, such as a Birthday Vase container with Mickey on it. It was porcelain but the paint was off, so I skipped it. The 2nd thing I passed up was a Pooh bear honey jar. It was missing the stick thingy.

So I decided to check out the Christmas section by the window and practically walked by 2 Disney items that I did end up getting for $0.99 each.

The Stockings...

I was very surprised they were only $0.99 cents.
I also got the 2008 Burnham Guide for $0.99 and using it for my Smash book.

Then on Saturday, I decided to go to the Good Will store that is closer to me. It wasn't that packed for a Saturday. So I looked around and first saw two scrapbook paper booklets for $2.99 so I decided to hang on to them. Then I went by the poster section and found a Disney World wall clock that goes with my two other wall decor I got last year.... 

It just needs a new clock mechanism. The wood itself is in okay condition. It does have some scratches that were noticeable in the store but once I got it home and cleaned it, it didn't look too noticeable. Yey. So I think I will be going to either Michael's or AC Moore to get the clock mechanism, because Joann's store didn't have the size I needed. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Keep Me Warm, Disney

Keep Me Warm, Disney

Every year, since 2005, my mom and I have spent quality time at Disney World. Throughout the nine years we been going, we have stayed on property. We have stayed The Caribbean Beach Resort, All Star Music, and Pop Century. I love Pop Century the best and have called it my home away from home.
Anyway, every year they offer a deal where you spend enough money and you can get a special Item. This item usually a throw, or pin can only get this item by spending the amount that is posted. Where am I going with this?

Well, last Friday on the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination, I decided to go to the Good Will. At first I walked around perhaps 2 or 3 times and did not see anything other than a Mickey and Minnie Wedding Frame that was broken. My 3rd time around I found a Princess Frame, which I have yet to take a picture of along with a feeder for chicken...that's a whole nother story. But on my 4th go around I decided to check the blankets in case there was something 
there...and there was.

This beautiful Disney World Mickey Mouse Throw....

The price was $5.99, but knowing what someone had to spend to get it, I knew $6.00 was a good price. Which makes me ponder, why spend that much money on something you will donate later. We have several throws from Disney World... One I got from a garage sale for $1.00...yes $1.00. Then i got 2 other throws made of fleece. One pictures the castle, which I love and the other throw we got last year in 2012, which pictures Mickey Mouse standing in front of the four park icons. It's main color is blue.

Just a side note, last year they also had a starter set of pins as their deal, and I got the whole I didn't buy it from the store, but traded pins from cast members around the parks. Yey!

Also last week, I stumbled upon this beauty:

No. I'm not going to pick up smoking but I really liked it. I know it is vintage. The only thing about it is that the velvet on the bottom is missing. Oh well. For $0.99 where can you go wrong?

Alrighty... My 3rd and last find of the week was this Winnie the Pooh card holder. 

I have seen similar items to this where they hold miscellaneous things. It still holds the park price sticker on the bottom of $12.95. I bought it for $0.99.  I can picture someone at the Pooh Bear attraction gift store, buying it for a present for someone, but somehow it ended up in the good will store... Finders keepers...right?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Second Week of November

This week I have found some pretty crazy Disney Items at the Good Will and the dollar store. I will start with Monday's findings.

So I went to the Good Will monday and was running late because my mom had to give me my allowence and wouldn't get off the computer. So I got to the good will at 11:35am. When I first walked in, I spotted a Minnie Mouse statue right away. It was a Snow baby figure with Minnie Mouse Ice Skating.

If I was 20 minutes earlier I would have been able to get Mickey Mouse as well but someone already bought it. I was surprised the person did not take both. Oh well, but I was able to buy it. 

Then today. I went and looked in the new carts...nothing Disney. I did get a pepe le pew porcelain figure and then decided to walk around the store and found this:

it's a cup from the New Fantasyland expansion in Disney World. You normally would buy it from Gaston's Bar for $14.95 with a drink. You could choose from this brown plastic mug that looks like a wooden mug or you could get a plastic gold goblet one that has Belle and Mrs. Potts. I picked it up for only 49 cents and there was a bit of the plastic scrapped off. Oh well.

So I was on line with my items (the pepe le pew, gaston cup, and a set of napkins to embroider) when a lady comes up to me and asks me if I wanted this Mickey and Minnie figure.

OMG. I was so taken back with her generosity because she was going to buy it herself. So I thanked her probably 2-3 times and left.

After good will I decided to go to the dollar store to look for rubber stamps and when I went to check out I spotted disney PINS! Disney pins at the dollar store? I know I was sooo surprised. When I got home, I decided to see what was on the opposite side.

These were in fact Disney pins with the official disney logo. They were from 2001 and came on the black plastic backing. The only difference is that they came with the metal backing and not the mickey shapped plastic backing. Still a Great find. I am thinking of going back next week to buy more. These make great trading pins in the park.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Early November Findings

Surprise! It's November!
I can't believe how fast the year went by. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Years. In less than 60 days we will be celebrating 2014. I don't know what it is about 2014 that scares me but it does. But anyway...


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I haven't really found a lot of great items at the Good Will. I did find a partial deck of playing cards from Disney World but I didn't buy them because it was missing a few cards and had no price tag. I was afraid what they would charge for a deck without all the cards. I mean they have a broken Pooh Bear frame holder for $4.00. In my opinion, anything broken is worth $1.00 or less or don't even have it on the shelves.

Anyway, today's trip to the Thrift Store I found only this:

It's a storage case for lego/blocks. At least that is what it is now. I'm not sure what it originally held when it was new. I never seen one of them before and not sure whether it is from a local store such as Target or Kmart or from Disney parks or the Disney Store... (Can anyone help?) It was there a few weeks ago when I was thinking about buying a Disney World vacation dvd but decided to put back the DVD and this red box. At first today I didn't see it and a few minutes later someone put it on the shelves. So I bought it.

My trip on Monday to the thrift stores I found a few Disney items. I also found a projector screen for $8.99 and 2 Disney things so I used my $10.00 coupon and got everything for $1.50. yey.
First up, is Salt and Pepper Shakers. 

The original price tag red $3.99 but the day everything with a tag that wasn't blue was only 25% (and not 50% off). The salt and pepper shakers are in great shape! I was thrilled when I saw the box which was taped up. I had to open it to see whether or the shakers were in good condition. I really hate when they tape up the boxes. To me it either means that they are trying to pull a fast one, or something is broken inside. So I just open them up with my key:
The second Disney thing(s) I found was a bag of porcelain figures which only included 2 Disney figures Mickey mouse and Pooh bear...not pictured.  

Last week or so, I found (another) plate. This one is light blue while the other version I have is a black color with gold. I got this for only 50 cents. lol. yey.

That's about it for now. I also found a Princess Minnie from Disney on Ice. But I decided not to show it here.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Well, it's the day after Halloween, and we all know what that means...right? The holidays are among us once again. Sadly, my mom and I do not have any Disney trips planned for this year (hopefully next year).

On Halloween I went to the thrift stores as I always do on Thursdays and came across many Disney Items, but only bought one which was a winter Minnie Mouse plush to go with my winter Mickey Mouse that I bought last year. 

Not my picture. So if you can't see it, that's why...

I did find a whole lot of different Disney things such as a red plastic case for building least that was what was in it. It was unique. I never saw anything like it. It featured Princess Minnie in a castle tower looking down at Mickey, pressumably a prince. I really liked it but I didn't think I needed it especially for the price of it. I also came across a Disney World planning DVD from 2005.
I loved that Disney planning DVD. It was very outgoing and made me want to go to Disney. It was the version I put the youtube video up a few months ago where you had the 4 tour guides. I honestly think Disney should go back to that version instead of just doing the boring interviews.
Being a film major, I also took a course in tv production and one of the things my teacher commented on was the "talking head" where you have someone sitting or standing in front of the camera.

I also ended not getting that dvd only because Disney gave them out for free and I bet good will would have sold it for $2.99. That's about it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Glass Coasters

I apologize for no updates prior to this update.

So today (10-15-2013) I went to the good will that I hardly ever go to these days because it is small and usually does not have anything. So I go and look and Disney World just pops out at me when I went to the shelfs. I couldn't believe my eyes!
These glass coasters are what I found today:

They were released in the 70's when the park first opened. When "new" the set was a set of 4: Main St, Adventureland, Fantasy Land and Liberty Square...Liberty Square? What happened to Frontierland and Tomorrow Land?

In my opinion, I don't think those lands existed when the park opened... or were they? I don't understand why they left those two lands out of the coaster set, but anyway. I was thrilled to buy them for only $0.69! Yippie!
My recent past findings before this was a cook book from Disney World. I got it for $2.00 when someone bought it for either $20.00 for $14.95 at Disney....

Here's a Picture of the book:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Cork Necklaces

Last week or so, I found a bag of wine corks. At first I thought I could do something BIG with it, but then I couldn't think of what to do with them until I looked on the internet. I found people made necklaces. But instead of a regular wine cork I decided to make them Disney characters...

I first made Figment:

everything is made of cork, the body and the wings and added glass sand to it to add some decor to it.
My second character was Donald Duck. I modeled it after the mini hat that Disney World sells at their parks:

and my 3rd is Mickey Mouse. You can't make Disney characters and not make Mickey Mouse. As the saying goes: "It all Started with a Mouse."

The 4th I'm either doing Minnie Mouse or Kermit the Frog. 
I decided to show you my creations because someone stated that they might make them as well and I just wanted to let people know that I'm the original creator of these Disney Character Cork Necklaces.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

MyPal Mickey

Today, September 28, 2013 I was not going to stop at the Good Will Store because they were having another one of it's "window sales".  They have window sales so that they can sell items 2-3x the price. Usually the item is not worth the white tag. But anyway.

Today I found (another) Mypal Mickey. This time it is the 2nd version...They have 3 versions altogether. The 1st Version features, Mickey in red shorts, and plays 3 games. The 2nd version (pictured below), features Mickey Mouse in a coat and gold bow tie. This Mickey features 6 games and claims that the speaker inside is louder than the 1st version. Also on the 2nd version the right hand features a
Gold Mickey Silhouette with Castle inside and engraved with "Walt Disney World."

The 3rd Version features, Sorcerer Mickey.
MyPal Mickey once sold at the Disney parks for $50-$65.00.Unfortunately Disney World discontinued MyPal Mickey and it's park features (tells you about the attraction and wait times). They do still play the games.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney Books & Snowglobes

So today, August 19th I went to the Good Will and found a few things. I bought 2 items but I saw many other Disney Items that were way over priced, such as $5.00 for a mug? Give me a break. I bet that, that mug will be broken the next time because it's over priced. I have seen many over priced items that were once in great shape, be broken the next because they wanted a ridiculous amount.

They had a window sale the previous 2 weekends and nothing really got sold... you want to know why? They wanted like $50.00 for used shoes, $60.00 for a Shirley Temple doll that is worth $5.00..Shocking I know.

Last week and today I saw that they had Disney Snow globes, but some were broken. A princess snow globe with Cinderella's head missing, a Disney Dog snow globe with a dog's head missing, they still wanted $39.99 for it. I'm shocked about the prices they think they can get for 2nd hand stuff that is broken none-the-less. Here are a few shots of the broken snow globes:

But i did manage to Buy 2 Disney books. They were only $1.99 + 25% off discount so I got them for $1.50 each. Awesome.

Someone paid $21.95 for the Around the World with Disney Book originally. Awesome

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Blue July Finding

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the delayed posting and the lack of posting. I have been busy but I have been going to the Good Will. I had some incidents with electronics and stuff with family and stuff. But anyway, this past month I have found few Disney items and items I am selling on ebay...or rather putting on ebay to sell. lol.

Anyway, one of my favorite findings is a snowglobe/music box. It's from The Lion King and features Timon, Pumba and Simon walking on the log from the movie and rafiki on the side of the snowglobe. It plays Hakuna Matata:

Other unpictured findings include: a Disneyland Mickey Mouse Tray, along with an Independence theme lanyard I found with 1 broken pin on it. It was an okay find. It was originally part of a starter set and came with 4 Disney pins that the original owner kept.

Here is what I found today, two Winnie the Pooh hot plates (or whatever you call them.) I have a bunch of these hot plate things from Disney. One features Disney World castle, another features Mickey Mouse and now Pooh Bear and Tigger:

When I was on line to check out, I looked up at the porcelain dolls and found her:

Cinderella. Wow. I thought, "Okay she's probably going to be at least $20.00 but she was only $5.99 and best of all everything was 25% off for customer appreciation day. She is made of Porcelain and is 16 inches tall. 

I almost forgot my other small finding... Donald Duck. He was on a key chain on a backpack so I took him off and put a price tag on him. Awesome. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Finds

Sorry about the delay in posts. A lot of things have been going on here. I have found a few Disney Items from the Good Will just in the past few weeks. Mostly watches. I also found a deck of cards with Stitch on it. Awesome.

Here are my last few finds from last week and this week:
I found this Disney Time Watch this past week. It was $4.00 which was an okay price after finding the price of it on ebay I think it's a great deal. lol.

The second find the same day as the watch, I found this frame/magnet with Disney cat frame. I have found a lot of magnets and frames from the Good Will I have failed to share (i think).

My best find this week was on the 3rd of July. I was looking through the toys and games when I just turned around and saw it. It plays Hakuna Matata. It's  a weird version of it and plays only 2-3 lines of it before it repeats. lol. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Barnes and Noble Visit

Barnes and Nobles Visit

So yesterday, June 19, 2013 I went to the local Barnes and Nobles that has the "used" books section. They have a few shelves dedicated to books that have been autographed by authors who had signings at the store. So I was browsing and found this beauty:

I remember when I went to the Mike Wolfe (from American Pickers) signing that I saw the poster of Ridley Pearson on the wall that was signed. How I wished that I could get a signed book from him. I guess that wish came true.

Even though I didn't get the autograph in person I am glad I found the book, especially for only $10.00. I also got Henry Winkler's book he wrote after I saw him talk. I bought that book in the book store at the college after I saw him because I wasn't able to stay afterwards. I collect autographs and looked online to compare autographs. It matches so I'm happy.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh
Salt and Pepper Shaker

So I went to the Good Will store on Saturday, a day after their window sale. Earlier last week I walked by the window and saw a cute Winnie the Pooh tea-pot which was not there yesterday. But I did find this cute set of Salt and Pepper Shaker.

At first I only found pooh and thought the set was not complete but then looked again before I got on line for check out. I spotted the blue balloon, which at first I didn't think it went but then put two and two together and Wah-la... lol. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Disney World Planning Video. My Opinions.

My Review/Opinion(s)
Disney's FREE Trip Planning DVD.

I remember back in 2005 when I received my very first FREE Disney World Trip Planning DVD. I sat down with my parents and watched it. We all enjoyed it, and laughed a few times. That FREE dvd has changed dramatically over the years. 

As you can see you have not one but 4 travel guides as different kind of people, the thrill junky, the easy going guy, and two other guides who just enjoy their trip.
But now, the DVD has changed. It is similar to a history channel special where guests and cast members talk about how much fun they have and how some things work. I took a class in tv production in college and my professor said no one wants to see a talking head...which is true.

But the way Disney has it, makes you not want to watch the tape because when I did get the new version, I watched it and turned it off 5 minutes into it. I didn't get that special feeling that Disney has. I know your not there but whose going to book a trip with their hard earned cash when watching that new version? If I never been to Disney before I wouldn't spend two minutes watching that DVD. I'm trying not to be harsh but hey, people want to see people enjoying Disney. Not people "talking" about Disney..

I think it is time that Disney took a look back on something and redo their DVD.
what are your opinions of the current trip DVD?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Maddness

Monday MadnessI call this entry, "Monday Madness." because Monday's Good Wills have everything 25% along with their usual 50% Color tag. Today I decided to go to the two Good Will stores that are further away and found a few great Items. Today one of the workers was holding a Disneyland Pop Up Photo Album when I first stepped in. Awesome. 

He is a college of the pages inside. I will probably keep this, and use it for my first Disneyland Trip pictures...if I ever get there. lol.

I found a few other Disney things, such as Thumper PVC and a Bank Tin...

That was all at ONE Good Will. I went to the second Good will and honestly thought I was going to go home empty handed. But when I first don't see anything I walk around a second time to see if I missed anything and when I did I noticed a Thermo Serve cup from the 70's. It was behind a whole bunch of items.

So that's it for today.
By the way, I now have Pinterest board for Disney Findings, so  I would have to keep emailing myself the pictures to put in this blog. check me out at:

Friday, May 31, 2013

Fraggle Rock Snow

Fraggle Rock Snow

So today May 31, 2013 I went to two Good Wills. At the first good will I found two things: 
This awesome 2010 Snowglobe along with snow white

At the second good will i found these three Fraggle Rock Plushes.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Pin Pics!!!

So, After the Pin meetup people were talking about a website called They asked me if I had one, and I said no. So I decided to see what it was all about. Basically, it's a website to showcase your pins and which ones you might have up for trade. Awesome Right?

So I joined a day or so ago. My name on it is DisneyFanatic101. I swear I joined another time but couldn't really get the hang of it. So I just forgot about it. But I do have some pins on there that I could find around my house. I know I have a lot more .... somewhere.

One day I decided to put them all on a quark board and hung them on my wall with those velcro hangy things that say "We don't make a mess, or tear paint." etc. Not in those exact words but you get the hang of it. (no pun intended). So I had them on my wall for about 2 months before they fell off. Yes they do take the paint off. My mom wasn't so happy about it.
I used those hangy things in college and never had a problem with them oh well. So now I can't find most of my pins.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Minute Good Will Trip

Last Minute Good Will Trip

Yesterday night I went to a meetup from A Disney Pin Trading Meetup. It was a lot of fun. I traded for a few pins which were great. Most of the people were awesome in pin trading but there was one i thought was a stick in the mud but that's only my opinion. I will post the pictures of the pins at the end of this post. So anyway....

The meetup was at the mall that is not too far away from the good will store so I decided to check the good will store out. I didn't get to the good will store in the past few days so I was hoping I would find something of interest. I found two things:

A Disney MGM Studios Cutting Board/Hot Plate/Coaster.
Not exactly sure what they are called but I now have at least 3 of them. Not the same pattern but 3 with different Disney themes:

Oh. It also matches a mug I bought a while back.

The second thing I found was one of those Disney Babies that come with the blanket. I normally don't buy stuffed animals but a.) i thought it was real cute and b.) i knew you can only get it at Disney World. 

So now to my pins: 

I took like 20 pins that I didn't like that I didn't trade last year at the parks. Compared to other's stash of pins I looked like a newbie, even though I have been trading for 8 years although not a passionate as they are. I just find it a fun thing to do when you are at the parks. So anyway, I trade a bunch of pins and this is what I got back:

I Love Stitch and Figment, which are my two favorite characters. I also love Chip and Dale but not as much.
I loved Figment ever since I was little and I loved stitch ever since I saw the movie.