Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Porcelain and Glass

Porcelain and Glass

   Sorry for the long delay, I haven't really found any Disney items at the Good Will store in a while ... till today that is. Today I won the jack pot in Disney items. I went to 2 Good Wills. The 2nd one I went to, is one I said I was not going to go back to since it never had anything good in while and that is where I found a lot of the items you will see in this post. 

The first good will, I had found 3 old Disney Glasses. One features, donald duck, his 3 nephews and Goofy, the 2nd features Goofy, Mickey and a lion, and the 3rd features some characters from Disney's Robin Hood animated film. 

    At the 2nd good will I found a bunch of porcelain Disney characters, and 2 lenox Winnie the Pooh characters, along with 4 Lion King PVC characters...

First is, Gus from Disney's Cinderella (1950). In the movie he is voiced by
James McDonald, who also plays Evinrude in The Rescuers, Chip (in the Chip and Dale cartoons), and voices the dormouse in the animated version of Alice in Wonderland, just thought to give you a little tid bit.

Talking about the Rescuers...down under to exact. The 2nd porcelain, is Jake the Australian Mouse,
from The Rescuer's Down Under. He is voiced by Tristan Rogers,

Then i got Jafar and abu from Aladdin. They are 2 different statue's but i thought I 
would put them together in the picture to minimize the pictures here.

Third, but not last, is Roger Rabbit...voiced by Charles Fleischer who is also
in Rango (which isn't Disney)

Last we got the lion king's villian, Scar. Awesome find...

After the porcelain, i found a Disney World glass and 4 Lion King PVCs.

Those who were wondering, where i got the frames around the pictures, they are from an app called Photo wonder...Free On Android. Oh! I also forgot to show you my two lenox's.

Pooh bear is a sugar jar, while Eyore is a milk pitcher. How cool. 
I got both for $24.95

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