Friday, March 22, 2013

Recent Things

So I went to the local Good Will Store and Disney Store here in N. NJ and I found a Vinylmation I traded for. I traded my park vinyl for a star one. Also I walked around and saw this:

I really love the dolls they have. Belle is my favorite because she has brown hair like me and she's sooo cute. :) I love chip as well. Belle is my number 1 favorite doll and i think Rapunzel is my 2nd. 

I also saw this cool poster!

Also at the local Good Will store(s) i found this:

I am not sure if this is from the store(s)/park(s) or even home made. Never heard of Josman...Anybody? 

I also found this coaster. I think it once had the wood frame around it at some point. But I liked it enough to buy it from the store for $0.99!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Question For Readers

Question & Update

First of all, I would like to say "Thank You" to those who are following my blog. I really appreciate it. I changed a few settings and now if you want to comment on a post, you no longer have to type in a "captcha." I did not know that my blog had a captcha to it and with that I apologize for it. I changed the setting so you can post. All I ask for is that you don't put in only 1-2 words int he comment area. Please make full sentences. 

Secondly,  yesterday I went to a good will store where they had an okay Mickey Mouse porclain statue called "Mickey On Parade" which is the one below (but not the same exact one):

The Good Will store wanted $40.00 but yesterday it was 50% off because it had a blue sticker.  So it was $20.00. But...It was not in good condition. The black belt which is made of leather had to be glued, and there were marker marks on the shoe, the right hand, and around the nose area. Nothing was chipped or broken that couldn't be fixed...

Would you buy something in that condition for $20.00? I mean if it was $5.00-$15.00 sure I would buy it but is it worth $40.00 where you have to fix it? 

Please post your opinions/views in the comment area. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello...March 17th

First of all, Happy St. Patricks Day.
Sorry for the delay in Posts. I haven't quite found anything worth posting here to show you guys.
However, I did find my way onto Pinterest.

So hopefully those who are on Pinterest,
you can follow me at: 

Of course there is a board dedicated to All Things Disney and other things 
I like. 

Hopefully sometime this week I will be able to post something I find. 
Another thing is that my 1st year Anniversary is coming up.
The anniversary of the day I started this blog. So I might have a GiveAway (Although
not a lot of people comment here). 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Figment and Muppets

Figment and Muppets

So yesterday I went to the Good Will, I wore my favorite turtle ring for good luck in finding something and it worked. I walked in and looked in the cabinet and a box of spoons called my name. So I looked in and found 1 spoon I liked. The only down fall was that for 1 spoon was $4.99! I think most of the time at the one I went to yesterday is absurd in pricing stuff. 

So that spoon was $4.99 but I realized I had my $10.00 off coupon for spending at least $100.00. lol. I looked around the store 3-4 to 5 times cause I was not going to spend $4.99 on 1 small spoon. So I found a few stuff not Disney such as a Shot glass and a few other things. My last go around in the store I found 2 games for Macintosh which I didn't buy cause I don't have a mac so I looked again and found this:

I never seen it. I know it's old because of the type of plastic they used to make it. But i'm not sure if it was sold in a set or not. If anyone knows about this item please comment. 
My whole bag came to $11.46 so with the $10.00 off I spent only $1.46