Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Figment and Muppets

Figment and Muppets

So yesterday I went to the Good Will, I wore my favorite turtle ring for good luck in finding something and it worked. I walked in and looked in the cabinet and a box of spoons called my name. So I looked in and found 1 spoon I liked. The only down fall was that for 1 spoon was $4.99! I think most of the time at the one I went to yesterday is absurd in pricing stuff. 

So that spoon was $4.99 but I realized I had my $10.00 off coupon for spending at least $100.00. lol. I looked around the store 3-4 to 5 times cause I was not going to spend $4.99 on 1 small spoon. So I found a few stuff not Disney such as a Shot glass and a few other things. My last go around in the store I found 2 games for Macintosh which I didn't buy cause I don't have a mac so I looked again and found this:

I never seen it. I know it's old because of the type of plastic they used to make it. But i'm not sure if it was sold in a set or not. If anyone knows about this item please comment. 
My whole bag came to $11.46 so with the $10.00 off I spent only $1.46

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