Friday, March 22, 2013

Recent Things

So I went to the local Good Will Store and Disney Store here in N. NJ and I found a Vinylmation I traded for. I traded my park vinyl for a star one. Also I walked around and saw this:

I really love the dolls they have. Belle is my favorite because she has brown hair like me and she's sooo cute. :) I love chip as well. Belle is my number 1 favorite doll and i think Rapunzel is my 2nd. 

I also saw this cool poster!

Also at the local Good Will store(s) i found this:

I am not sure if this is from the store(s)/park(s) or even home made. Never heard of Josman...Anybody? 

I also found this coaster. I think it once had the wood frame around it at some point. But I liked it enough to buy it from the store for $0.99!

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