Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disney World Dining... Tips and Tricks

Being a Veteran of Disney World vacations, I thought I would share my tips and what-not through some blog posts. I think I already posted about booking and magical express...But not sure if I did ADR's which is Advanced Dinner Reservations.

The first time we went to Disney World in 2005 we did not do ADR's because we did not know of this beforehand. But after 1-2 trips I finally got the gist of it. It really does come in handy because restaurants on property get filled fast.

One thing I learned recently was to look at the menu prior to going to Disney. This saves you ample amount of time. Instead of getting to the restaurant and starring blankly at the menu deciding what to have, many websites offer what each restaurant serves.

If one dish looks appetizing for you, you can always Google it to see what it looks like. For example, if you are eating at the Coral Reef at Epcot and want to get the Lobster/Pasta Dish but not sure what it looks like go to images.google.com and type in: Coral Reef Lobster Orecchiette Pasta and hit search. (FYI this pasta dish is 5 stars in my book). You will get many images such as the one below:

Normally if the Restaurant name is NOT in the description, you would put Lobster Orecchiette Pasta at Coral Reef Disney World. Your finished.  You can log this down in a word document or somewhere you will remember. Such as with your ADR's number. 

Also another tip for your restaurant...Sometimes people cancel their reservations the day of or days prior, always go to the restaurant an hour before your scheduled reservations and see if anyone cancelled or ask to be signed in. If it does work they will hand you one of those beeper thing for you to wait for an open seat. If you don't get called you still have your 6pm reservation.

If you do decide to cancel your ADR you can go to Guest Services at the park you are at and see if any other restaurant is open. They will usually have a board outside to tell you which restaurants are filled but I always ask anyway in case the board is wrong. Always make new reservations before cancelling your existing ADRs. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Souvenir NOT to buy

One Souvenir NOT to buy 
at Walt Disney World

Sure there are many things to buy at Disney World for souvenir's such as Disney Hats, pins, towels, cook ware, plush toys etc. I can name many things you can buy as a souvenir to remember your trip by, but there is so far one thing I highly do NOT recommend...

Ice Trays.

The last time I was at Disney World I bought a Mickey Mouse Ice Tray. I thought it would be awesome to have ice shaped as Mickey silhoutte, and when I brought it home I washed it and tried it...However it did not work. The ice would not come out of the tray no matter how hard you twisted the tray. and yes, it does crack the tray. 

From a Recent Good Will Find, I found a Donald Duck Tray from Disney World. I had my doubts about it but I wanted to try it to see if it was just the Mickey Mouse tray. I didn't notice the crack in the tray until I got home. I put water in it and left it over night in the freezer. The next day I tried to get the ice out... But no luck. I bet you the previous owner accidently cracked the tray trying to get it out. 

Ice Trays... they look cool but they don't work. I think they are made with the wrong type of plastic.
Some where in their design, is a flaw to make it not work.. perhaps too much plastic. or perhaps the shapes are too far apart from each other to work properly. What ever it is these ice trays do NOT work. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Disney Store and Good Will

Disney Store

Last week I went to the local mall where we have our Disney Store to trade in a vinylmation that I didn't like. So I went to trade one. I always end up buying a new one to add to my collection, but this trip I didn't know that they had a new set. I traded a Jack A lope Vinylmation from the Pixar Set (because I already hat it) for Ludwig Von Drake, Walt Disney's Walt of Color, from Animation Series 3.

I really love Ludwig Von Drake, and I have been wanting one ever since I started. So I was really thrilled when I saw him in the trader's box behind the counter. So of course I had to see which ones came in the series. I can not just have one vinlymation from a set I have to have 2 or more. So I purchased one and got the one I wanted... finally. (I'm still looking for Nemo from Pixar Set). Here's the one I got from the box I bought:

It's a card from Alice and Wonderland. It's awesome. The next one I want from the series is Stitch, the Cameleon from Tangled and the Spanish Duck. But I wouldn't complain if I got any of the rest. They are all Awesome really. 
Good Will

This past week I went to the Good Will a few times. Today I found a tin that once held mixed chocolates from Tokyo Disneyland (not pictured). My other findings were a Donald Duck Ice Tray and a Cheerleader Minnie Mouse Plush. I swear I'm beginning to collect Minnie and Mickey mini dolls from the parks:

I bought the Mickey Mouse Ice Tray from Pop Century the last time I was in Disney World in November 2012 and it did not quite work. This one is very similar to the Mickey Mouse one. It's made out of the same plastic. If it is anything like the Mickey Mouse one I won't hold my breath for it to work. But it was only $1.99. it might work if it has been broken into. 

Here's Cheerleader Minnie. I think this is a collector's edition one, since I don't remember seeing it in stores in the parks the last time I went. You can see that it's from the parks because it has the tag by the legs. You can tell what stuff is from the parks and what is from the stores because the items from the stores usually say "Disney Store Collectible." etc.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Craft Wars Website

Disney World Wine Cozies.

So I used to watch Craft Wars last year. I lost touch with it because I think it was cancelled... but maybe not. On their website I decided to share my Wine Cozies in which people voted Yey or Nay. I posted it last year and I decided to check it out yesterday to see how people voted. 

When I took this picture I got 419 Not That bad and 356 Unsightly. EEk. I'm still happy that I have more Positive's then negatives yey. 

What do you think? Post in the comments. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some Changes and Some Findings

Changes and Findings

First, I'm sure you noticed the changes in my blog. I decided that it was time to get a Disney background instead of the regular Blogger background. I wanted to get a Disney World background but couldn't find anything so I went with Mickey Mouse Silhouette. Awesome right? 

Anyway other than that, I went to 4 Good Wills. I only found items in 3 of them.
The first store I found something with the Muppets. I'm not sure if I already told you but
I'm a huge muppet fan. lol. I was shocked when I saw this:

It's a card game. Everything is there except the instructions which is okay because you can normally find instructions to things on the internet. I found the instructions on a muppet website. How awesome is that!!

My 2nd finding was at the 2nd store I went into...

A Winnie the Pooh and Friends porcelain figure. I have another one i bought a few months ago so I thought I'd list both for sale on ebay. Awesome. 

My last finding was at the 4th Good Will...I didn't find anything at the 3rd so I went to the 4th, where I found a cool watch:

It's a Jiminy Cricket watch. What is cool about this is that it was only for Cast member's of the parks
when it did come out. Awesome! It has it's original bad, and compartments. It just needs a new battery.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Jim Shore Collectable
Jolie Marie

This past Monday I went to the Good Will Stores that are further away from my house. I was not really thinking I'd find anything like this item I found for the price I bought it for... But anyway, I found a Jim Shore wooden Jolie Marie. It's pretty much in good shape and came in the original box and came with the little card for those who want to display it on their shelve. Awesome.

I used a phone app called "Photogrid" to make this picture.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse Bag

So today I went to 3 Good Will stores. The first had a lot of Disney mugs and glasses, and even a bubble gum machine (for $70.00). They wanted $4.00 per glass. I was hesitant to buy 2 of them to finish a collection I have but I thought $4.00 was a bit steep. The 2nd Good Will had nothing really other then a Lady and The Tramp Print for $4.00, which is better compared to $30.00 for the same exact one at the other Good Will. 

At the 3rd Good Will I found this Beauty:

A Minnie Mouse Bag..
It's not for school, but for travel for kids and such. Not sure what my plans are yet for it but I'm keeping it for now at least. lol. That's about it. It' is right from the Parks (tags). Yey. 

Anyway, that's it! OMG. Only 25 more days until this blog has been 1 year old!! I can't believe it. I will hopefully have a give away sweepstakes on or around the anniversary! Yey.