Friday, April 19, 2013

Disney Store and Good Will

Disney Store

Last week I went to the local mall where we have our Disney Store to trade in a vinylmation that I didn't like. So I went to trade one. I always end up buying a new one to add to my collection, but this trip I didn't know that they had a new set. I traded a Jack A lope Vinylmation from the Pixar Set (because I already hat it) for Ludwig Von Drake, Walt Disney's Walt of Color, from Animation Series 3.

I really love Ludwig Von Drake, and I have been wanting one ever since I started. So I was really thrilled when I saw him in the trader's box behind the counter. So of course I had to see which ones came in the series. I can not just have one vinlymation from a set I have to have 2 or more. So I purchased one and got the one I wanted... finally. (I'm still looking for Nemo from Pixar Set). Here's the one I got from the box I bought:

It's a card from Alice and Wonderland. It's awesome. The next one I want from the series is Stitch, the Cameleon from Tangled and the Spanish Duck. But I wouldn't complain if I got any of the rest. They are all Awesome really. 
Good Will

This past week I went to the Good Will a few times. Today I found a tin that once held mixed chocolates from Tokyo Disneyland (not pictured). My other findings were a Donald Duck Ice Tray and a Cheerleader Minnie Mouse Plush. I swear I'm beginning to collect Minnie and Mickey mini dolls from the parks:

I bought the Mickey Mouse Ice Tray from Pop Century the last time I was in Disney World in November 2012 and it did not quite work. This one is very similar to the Mickey Mouse one. It's made out of the same plastic. If it is anything like the Mickey Mouse one I won't hold my breath for it to work. But it was only $1.99. it might work if it has been broken into. 

Here's Cheerleader Minnie. I think this is a collector's edition one, since I don't remember seeing it in stores in the parks the last time I went. You can see that it's from the parks because it has the tag by the legs. You can tell what stuff is from the parks and what is from the stores because the items from the stores usually say "Disney Store Collectible." etc.

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