Monday, April 1, 2013

Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse Bag

So today I went to 3 Good Will stores. The first had a lot of Disney mugs and glasses, and even a bubble gum machine (for $70.00). They wanted $4.00 per glass. I was hesitant to buy 2 of them to finish a collection I have but I thought $4.00 was a bit steep. The 2nd Good Will had nothing really other then a Lady and The Tramp Print for $4.00, which is better compared to $30.00 for the same exact one at the other Good Will. 

At the 3rd Good Will I found this Beauty:

A Minnie Mouse Bag..
It's not for school, but for travel for kids and such. Not sure what my plans are yet for it but I'm keeping it for now at least. lol. That's about it. It' is right from the Parks (tags). Yey. 

Anyway, that's it! OMG. Only 25 more days until this blog has been 1 year old!! I can't believe it. I will hopefully have a give away sweepstakes on or around the anniversary! Yey. 

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