Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Minute Good Will Trip

Last Minute Good Will Trip

Yesterday night I went to a meetup from A Disney Pin Trading Meetup. It was a lot of fun. I traded for a few pins which were great. Most of the people were awesome in pin trading but there was one i thought was a stick in the mud but that's only my opinion. I will post the pictures of the pins at the end of this post. So anyway....

The meetup was at the mall that is not too far away from the good will store so I decided to check the good will store out. I didn't get to the good will store in the past few days so I was hoping I would find something of interest. I found two things:

A Disney MGM Studios Cutting Board/Hot Plate/Coaster.
Not exactly sure what they are called but I now have at least 3 of them. Not the same pattern but 3 with different Disney themes:

Oh. It also matches a mug I bought a while back.

The second thing I found was one of those Disney Babies that come with the blanket. I normally don't buy stuffed animals but a.) i thought it was real cute and b.) i knew you can only get it at Disney World. 

So now to my pins: 

I took like 20 pins that I didn't like that I didn't trade last year at the parks. Compared to other's stash of pins I looked like a newbie, even though I have been trading for 8 years although not a passionate as they are. I just find it a fun thing to do when you are at the parks. So anyway, I trade a bunch of pins and this is what I got back:

I Love Stitch and Figment, which are my two favorite characters. I also love Chip and Dale but not as much.
I loved Figment ever since I was little and I loved stitch ever since I saw the movie. 

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