Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Blue July Finding

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the delayed posting and the lack of posting. I have been busy but I have been going to the Good Will. I had some incidents with electronics and stuff with family and stuff. But anyway, this past month I have found few Disney items and items I am selling on ebay...or rather putting on ebay to sell. lol.

Anyway, one of my favorite findings is a snowglobe/music box. It's from The Lion King and features Timon, Pumba and Simon walking on the log from the movie and rafiki on the side of the snowglobe. It plays Hakuna Matata:

Other unpictured findings include: a Disneyland Mickey Mouse Tray, along with an Independence theme lanyard I found with 1 broken pin on it. It was an okay find. It was originally part of a starter set and came with 4 Disney pins that the original owner kept.

Here is what I found today, two Winnie the Pooh hot plates (or whatever you call them.) I have a bunch of these hot plate things from Disney. One features Disney World castle, another features Mickey Mouse and now Pooh Bear and Tigger:

When I was on line to check out, I looked up at the porcelain dolls and found her:

Cinderella. Wow. I thought, "Okay she's probably going to be at least $20.00 but she was only $5.99 and best of all everything was 25% off for customer appreciation day. She is made of Porcelain and is 16 inches tall. 

I almost forgot my other small finding... Donald Duck. He was on a key chain on a backpack so I took him off and put a price tag on him. Awesome. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Finds

Sorry about the delay in posts. A lot of things have been going on here. I have found a few Disney Items from the Good Will just in the past few weeks. Mostly watches. I also found a deck of cards with Stitch on it. Awesome.

Here are my last few finds from last week and this week:
I found this Disney Time Watch this past week. It was $4.00 which was an okay price after finding the price of it on ebay I think it's a great deal. lol.

The second find the same day as the watch, I found this frame/magnet with Disney cat frame. I have found a lot of magnets and frames from the Good Will I have failed to share (i think).

My best find this week was on the 3rd of July. I was looking through the toys and games when I just turned around and saw it. It plays Hakuna Matata. It's  a weird version of it and plays only 2-3 lines of it before it repeats. lol.