Saturday, September 28, 2013

MyPal Mickey

Today, September 28, 2013 I was not going to stop at the Good Will Store because they were having another one of it's "window sales".  They have window sales so that they can sell items 2-3x the price. Usually the item is not worth the white tag. But anyway.

Today I found (another) Mypal Mickey. This time it is the 2nd version...They have 3 versions altogether. The 1st Version features, Mickey in red shorts, and plays 3 games. The 2nd version (pictured below), features Mickey Mouse in a coat and gold bow tie. This Mickey features 6 games and claims that the speaker inside is louder than the 1st version. Also on the 2nd version the right hand features a
Gold Mickey Silhouette with Castle inside and engraved with "Walt Disney World."

The 3rd Version features, Sorcerer Mickey.
MyPal Mickey once sold at the Disney parks for $50-$65.00.Unfortunately Disney World discontinued MyPal Mickey and it's park features (tells you about the attraction and wait times). They do still play the games.

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