Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's "Christmas" "Time" Again!

Anyway, this past week I found a few great things. A few things are just in time for Christmas. This past on Thursday I went to the two good wills that are further out. The first one I didn't see anything but at the second one I did. :)

I did come across a few Disney items, such as a Birthday Vase container with Mickey on it. It was porcelain but the paint was off, so I skipped it. The 2nd thing I passed up was a Pooh bear honey jar. It was missing the stick thingy.

So I decided to check out the Christmas section by the window and practically walked by 2 Disney items that I did end up getting for $0.99 each.

The Stockings...

I was very surprised they were only $0.99 cents.
I also got the 2008 Burnham Guide for $0.99 and using it for my Smash book.

Then on Saturday, I decided to go to the Good Will store that is closer to me. It wasn't that packed for a Saturday. So I looked around and first saw two scrapbook paper booklets for $2.99 so I decided to hang on to them. Then I went by the poster section and found a Disney World wall clock that goes with my two other wall decor I got last year.... 

It just needs a new clock mechanism. The wood itself is in okay condition. It does have some scratches that were noticeable in the store but once I got it home and cleaned it, it didn't look too noticeable. Yey. So I think I will be going to either Michael's or AC Moore to get the clock mechanism, because Joann's store didn't have the size I needed. 

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