Monday, December 30, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks --- A Movie Review

Saving Mr. Bank's.

Normally I would be posting a trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, but seeing it got way more emphasis than it really truly deserved in my book, I decided to put a picture of Mr. Disney with Julie Andrews and Mrs. Travers.
Just returned from seeing "Saving mr. Banks." I don't know what to say about this movie. I guess you can say I'm speechless. As I was going into it all whole heartedly, come on, I bet you did too with all the talk and emphasis on this movie.

I expected a whole nother movie entirely. Anyway, I left the movie in tears, literally. But the reasons may not be simple.
Did I get sad when Travers father died? Yes
Did I get teary when I saw Travers (Thompson) in tears? Yes.

Many other aspects brought me to tears after seeing the movie and many of you might think it's a bit funny or stupid. Another reason I was in tears myself, was because of Tom Hanks version of Disney. Many people think he wasn't good but to me, he was. I guess it's because I see (the real) Walt Disney as a role model. He, an adult, had a mind as a child but still had the morals and physical being as an adult, in the 60's.

This made my thinking, more clearer...I was simply born in the wrong decade.
Back in the 60's as the movie was themed seemed simpler. People were simply more "kind hearted." I guess some people still are, but in my life, they don't exist. I would have loved to meet Walt Disney as my dad once did at Disneyland back in the 60's. I wondered what it was like to shake Walt Disney's hand or just to stand in the same room and get his autograph. Yes, my dad met Mr. Walt Disney and yes he got his autograph on an E-Ticket booklet, which has simply "disappeared," from this universe, since we cannot find it. I yearn for that E-Ticket booklet hoping (and wishing) it is still among the things at my grandparents house. Not only because he signed it, but because it was once "held" in the hands of Walt Disney.

I know you are probably saying I shouldn't praise Mr. Disney as if he was some kind of Saint, but in my eyes he's pretty damn close.

Anyway, back to the movie. I thought it was a Good movie, sadly not as a triumph like the commercials emphasis it to be. But, I will probably buy the DVD none the less.

My Rating 3/5

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