Monday, November 10, 2014

Disney Craft: Mickey Terracotta Pots

Mickey Terracotta Pots

So, hello again. This time, I'm here to update you on one of my recent arts and crafts. On Saturday I found 5 mini terracotta pots for approximately $1.25 for all of them. Pretty good deal. When I first bought them I had one thing in mind...Mickey Mouse. Then it went from just Mickey to the Fab Five where I would paint: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. But then the idea went back to Mickey.

Here are the pots before I painted them:

 On the way home from the thrift store I stopped at Joann's to pick up a coating for the paint to save it. At first I was just thinking of using mod podge but then I realized Mod podge might not work. I picked up varnish in the paint section for only $4.00 (after using a 60% off coupon)
The painting took a while because I messed up on the top part and had to scrub them clean with alcohol, very messy and smelly.

Then I got them painted right, let them dry. At first I was trying to paint Mickey's buttons on. But it didn't look great. So I repainted the section red and added 2-3 coats of varnish. Then I noticed I had white buttons... Hmmm.

This is what the post look like NOW:

What do you think? (Comments Welcomed)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining
When I first went and stayed on property back in 2005 my dad (whose an accountant) did the math.  You definitely save money when you get the Disney Dining Plan. For example, last year we went to a restaurant called Coral Reef. Our Bill came to $105. 00 but we only paid the tip! See what I mean? You do pay in advance for the dining plan, which is roughly $100.00 but multiple approximately $105.00 per day you stay there... Yikes!

Disney offer's FREE dining plan every year.
Which Dining plan do I Recommend?

There are 3 types of plans: 
Quick Service, Basic and Deluxe.

Quick Service plan gives you only quick service meals 2x a day w/ 2 snacks a day. 
Basic Plan you get: 1 quick service, 1 snack and 1 table service
Deluxe Plan: 3 table service and two snacks.

When my mom and I go we get the basic. With Deluxe you mostly spend your time sitting and eating while you can be out doing rides and attractions. Plus I don't know who can eat that much in the first place.
What my mom and I do we get the basic. We split our Quick Service. Like I'll split my quick service for breakfast and she'll split her quick service meal for lunch. That way we both have a bit. Plus splitting meals = less calories intake
With the Quick Service you get: Drink, Entre, and Dessert. With the Table Service you get the entre, drink, and dessert.
Now a days you also get a FREE refill Cup which you can use at your hotel for the duration of your stay. 

When you are on the Disney Dining Plan you should make ADR's. ADR's are Advance Dining Reservations, which are totally needed for your vacation. What Disney changed about ADR's is that you now need to book ADR's with a credit card. Disney charges you $10.00 per person for same day cancellation which in my opinion is really stupid. But what can we do?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disney World Vacation Tips and Tricks. HOTELS

Disney World Tips.

If you are traveling to Disney World for the first time, or first time with extended family, my first tip is to stay on property. Staying on Disney property has a lot of perks and advantages. But of course there's a slight disadvantage (which i will tell you at the end of this entry).

First perk you have is transportation and luggage. Disney offer's transportation to AND from the airport (MCO). Disney takes care of your luggage so once you step off the plane you just have to find your way to the Disney Buses.(Your luggage will be in your room in the afternoon, so pack a carry on case).

Disney also offers transportation to and from the parks from your hotel. Type of transportation differs from different levels of hotel. Value (buses) Moderate (buses & boats?) and Deluxe (Buses, Monorail and/or boats).

Another advantage of staying on property is that you have the option to send those souvenir's from the parks to your hotel so you don't have to carry them around all day. (You do have the option to send them to the front of the park which is usually only available in the mornings).

The one disadvantage of staying on property is that your pretty much stuck at Disney unless you pay for a taxi cab if you want to go to Universal Studios or somewhere else.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A few LAST Finds....

So I decided that for NOW I will stop going to thrift stores because of lack of funds and trying to save up for another Disney trip come November... But I will share with you what I have recently found at the thrift stores.

This includes the end of May into June Finds:

Normally I don't look at Jewelry at one of the thrift stores I go to because they want ridiculous prices for some costume jewelry but I went and found this Sleeping Beauty Leno Pin, just in time for Maleficent premiere. lol. Not that I wore it.

That day I also found this Disneyland bowl. I have 2 of them but they are from Disney World and recently I found a 3rd Disney World Bowl at a Good Will but decided to skip it because I already have two. lol. So now I have a bowl from each I just got to visit Disneyland. Some day... Some day.

This is a really cool mug featuring Mickey Mouse in German themed clothes. This mug was made in West Germany, and something I have never seen before. Awesome find.

My last find of the thrift stores was this Mickey Mouse Fiorucci Belt. I don't know too much about it because there's none on any website but I know Disney partnered with Fiorucci back in the 80's....another cool find.

Anyway... As I said for now I am not going to thrift stores unless I break down my strong walls and go just for the fun. lol. I guess I go Window Shop but don't buy. lol. But I don't think that is possible.  But that doesn't mean I"m closing my blog down. Nope nope nope. I might post a few times a month about my opinions on changes at Disney World and movie reviews. I might even post more thrift store findings but I don't think that will be any time soon.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

May Happenings

So I just got back from our 10th Mother Daughter Disney World trip this morning at 1:30am! It was an okay trip. Many good moments, many bad moments and in between. I saw so many cute Duffy Bear costumes for the stuff bear that they sell for $29.99, but I am not one to purchase a stuffed bear for $30.00 even if it does have Mickey paw prints...

So today first day home, the thrift stores were calling my name as always. Today I went to two thrift stores. The first didn't have anything other than a broken Sleeping Beauty Snowglobe for $6.99 (I did not buy it).

The second thrift store I found two things...
This pewter Spaceship Earth with Mickey on top. The Mickey Mouse is bending on top and I'm scared that it's going to break off.

The second thing I found at the Thrift store was Duffy Bear!!! It was in a bag of stuffed animals (also featuring Stitch) which makes each stuffed animal to be $1.00 or so since it was $5.95 to be exact. I pictured him with a map of the Studios I brought home from the parks:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Findings

I apologize for not updating this blog so often as a I used to.
I am getting ready for my 10th Disney trip... a mom / daughter trip. We've been going since 2005 which seems like ages ago. lol. This year we have our Florida friends coming as well which I am excited to see.

Also yesterday was the 2nd Anniversary of this blog!!! 
Anyway, I will start with yesterday's findings.

I get to the Good Will after a positive trip to Joann's craft store where I found stickers and a Big shot die on clearance. When I looked in the carts at Good Will, in the corner of my eye I spot an orange dish. I said to myself what an unusual dish because I thought it was home-made... But it was this beauty:

It was made right here in the USA instead of being made in China, like the Disney pins. I was thrilled because I had store credit to use up and also found an old Disney World McDonald toy from the early 2000s when Disney still partnered with McDonalds. (Sorry no Picture). 

A few weeks ago I found a new thrift store perhaps like 20 minutes from my house. I decided to see what they had and they had this house decor...

I have 2 others like it so I was thrilled. But I'm thinking of selling it. Not Sure though.

Okay. My other findings for these past two months I have been absent have been: 

Walt Disney World on Ice Beauty and the Beast book. I didn't even know Beauty and the Beast was on ice. lol.

This beautiful back scratcher! (Don't worry I was parked when these pictures were taken). 

It says "Walt Disney World " on the handle where my hand is.

This vintage picture of Mickey & Minnie.

and this Christmas Minnie Mouse Elf plush. 

This April we switched cell plans from Sprint to Cricket... I must say I love Cricket.. Sprint just sucks. That's my opinion.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is why the pictures are a different size than normal.
Other than that n2m is going on other than I'm looking forward to my Disney World Trip on Saturday... 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Findings

So today we (my parents) and I went to 3 NEW thrift stores in Southern New Jersey on the way to the Philadelphia Airport to drop my dad off.

 First was a Good Will, followed by Salvation Army and then a new one called "Red, White and Blue Thrift Store." I found Disney items at all 3.
The first good Will, I found a vintage Pooh Lamp, and a 25th Anniversary Refill Mug. The lamp doesn't come with it's shade. I still don't know whether or not it works but I will try it out tomorrow. 


The second good will, we found 3 shot glasses / tooth pick holders. One from Castaway club, one from Test Track in Epcot and the 3rd was from Disney's Hilton Dog Head Island Resort in South Carolina (which I haven't heard of). Then I found 2 Tower of Terror Glasses for $0.50 each. 

The 3rd I didn't buy much but I did find 2 snowglobes that were broken. The only thing I got was this Elf Minnie Mouse Plush.

I forgot to post last week's findings which I will update here. I found 3 awesome findings. The first was a Strobe Light that goes from pink and blue.

The second finding was a Disney World glass jar. I was stoked about this because I was thinking about getting plain one from Ikea but finding this was even better than the plain one. Awesome.

Then the 3rd finding was an extreme lucky find. I play Disney Infinity somewhat and found one of the new Disney Infinity Frozen Characters. The only down side was that it does not have the trading card with her. But what matters is that I saved a few bucks on her. I pre-ordered the blu ray with the Elsa character so now I will have both characters. 

I also found 2 watches but I will show case them another time.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A February Update

I apologize for not updating as often as I should. You guys probably thought I forgot about this blog. No I haven't forgotten.

We have had a lot of snow from the beginning of February which I just wish would go away. After shoveling cars out 2-3x a week, it gets pretty tiresome and pretty much downright agitating. lol.

Anyway, since my last update I found many Disney items. Especially today but did not buy. The good will had a few Donald Duck Statues for $60.00 each, along with a Lenox Mickey Mouse for $9.99. They also had a Mickey Mouse bank for $5.00 but I found everything to be way too much...yes $5.00 is a bit expensive for a 2nd hand bank.
So what DID I buy?

Here a few.
In January I found this vintage Kermit the Frog Plush:

. I call it vintage because he looks old. He doesn't have that smile upon his face like the current kermit the frog. His tag reads from the 70's or 80s. BTW: I'm looking forward to the new upcoming Muppet Movie.
The second thing I found was this frame:

Not too old, but I don't remember seeing it when I was in Disney the last time. The price tag of $12.99 from the parks is still upon it. Don't worry, I didn't spend that much on it. lol.

The 3rd Disney I found was this cute snack box that I have never ever seen before:

According to the description, someone paid $5.96 for the kit that only consisted of: water, juice, saltine crackers, raisins, napkins and stickers.
Many people the stickers that came with the kit is the stickers that the cast members give out for free today. But I want to know why would anyone pay practically $6.00 for saltine crackers? They are the easiest travel foods on the planet. lol.

My last find in the previous months is this cute adorable yeti:

(Sorry for the cluttered room).
Isn't he just the cutest? I remember they sold him and other yeti's in the Animal Kingdom in the Expedition Everest gift shop I believe as well as Downtown Disney.
That's about it. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Disney World 2014

Disney World Trip 2014

So today 01-21-2014 I just booked a Disney Vacation for May 3rd to the 8th. We'll be staying at Pop Century (as always) unless we win the lottery between now and then. lol. But I don't see that happening... unfortunately.

Anyway we have the dining plan and i'm trying to make ADRs as I publish this. I got reservations at Raglan Rd for the first day because we won't have any park tickets for the first night. Then it's Kona Cafe the second, night and Coral Reef for the 5th of May. Yey.

I am trying to pick 1 new restaurant for this trip. I really wanted Be Our Guest for dinner but it was all booked already...I guess we can try it for lunch. lol. Soo. the question is where are we going to eat at for our new restaurant?

I am looking forward to a few aspects of this trip, such as Magic Bands. I wasn't too thrilled with the recent announcement of the paper fastpass system going away. But I guess I will have to make with what I got. lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new Fastpass+ works. Also I'm looking forward to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which I highly believe will be open by the time we get there. ::Crossing Fingers::.

Also, I'm looking to trade Pins and Vinylmations while I am there! I have many pins I need to trade that I bought for a Disney pin trading meet up from that I quit. So yey.
That's about it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

I was framed!

So yesterday January 08,2014 I went to 3 Good Wills. At the first one I found an old version of Kermit the frog. He looks a bit...weird. I didn't take his pic yet but I will.

At the 2nd Good Will i did not find anything. They do have 2 Mickey Mouse vase that look like Ice cream cake but the paint is really chipped off. Not worth the $2.00

Then I decided to go to the 3rd good will which is where I found this beauty:

I remember when I saw them at the parks. $12.00. Wow. It's not even metal. But anyway, I snatched it for $2.99!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baking with the Mouse

So last week in 2013 I found this awesome Disney cook book from Disney World that someone originally bought $19.99. I bought it for $2.99. Wow. I still can't believe what people will donate.

The cook-book is from the 90's and refer's to "Finding Nemo" as "The Living Seas" in Epcot which was the attraction prior to Finding Nemo. lol.

So today, 01-03-2014 I decided to try a dessert from Epcot, simple Chocolate Chip Cookies from "The Land." It called for 1/2 cup of shortening which I switched out for butter.  The dough does not look so good but they do taste really really good.

One of my projects either this weekend or next week is to copy the pages in the book so if we decide to make something another time we don't run the risk of ruining the cook book. I am also hoping to make more recipes of the book.