Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Findings

I apologize for not updating this blog so often as a I used to.
I am getting ready for my 10th Disney trip... a mom / daughter trip. We've been going since 2005 which seems like ages ago. lol. This year we have our Florida friends coming as well which I am excited to see.

Also yesterday was the 2nd Anniversary of this blog!!! 
Anyway, I will start with yesterday's findings.

I get to the Good Will after a positive trip to Joann's craft store where I found stickers and a Big shot die on clearance. When I looked in the carts at Good Will, in the corner of my eye I spot an orange dish. I said to myself what an unusual dish because I thought it was home-made... But it was this beauty:

It was made right here in the USA instead of being made in China, like the Disney pins. I was thrilled because I had store credit to use up and also found an old Disney World McDonald toy from the early 2000s when Disney still partnered with McDonalds. (Sorry no Picture). 

A few weeks ago I found a new thrift store perhaps like 20 minutes from my house. I decided to see what they had and they had this house decor...

I have 2 others like it so I was thrilled. But I'm thinking of selling it. Not Sure though.

Okay. My other findings for these past two months I have been absent have been: 

Walt Disney World on Ice Beauty and the Beast book. I didn't even know Beauty and the Beast was on ice. lol.

This beautiful back scratcher! (Don't worry I was parked when these pictures were taken). 

It says "Walt Disney World " on the handle where my hand is.

This vintage picture of Mickey & Minnie.

and this Christmas Minnie Mouse Elf plush. 

This April we switched cell plans from Sprint to Cricket... I must say I love Cricket.. Sprint just sucks. That's my opinion.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is why the pictures are a different size than normal.
Other than that n2m is going on other than I'm looking forward to my Disney World Trip on Saturday... 

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