Friday, May 9, 2014

May Happenings

So I just got back from our 10th Mother Daughter Disney World trip this morning at 1:30am! It was an okay trip. Many good moments, many bad moments and in between. I saw so many cute Duffy Bear costumes for the stuff bear that they sell for $29.99, but I am not one to purchase a stuffed bear for $30.00 even if it does have Mickey paw prints...

So today first day home, the thrift stores were calling my name as always. Today I went to two thrift stores. The first didn't have anything other than a broken Sleeping Beauty Snowglobe for $6.99 (I did not buy it).

The second thrift store I found two things...
This pewter Spaceship Earth with Mickey on top. The Mickey Mouse is bending on top and I'm scared that it's going to break off.

The second thing I found at the Thrift store was Duffy Bear!!! It was in a bag of stuffed animals (also featuring Stitch) which makes each stuffed animal to be $1.00 or so since it was $5.95 to be exact. I pictured him with a map of the Studios I brought home from the parks:

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