Friday, July 18, 2014

Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining
When I first went and stayed on property back in 2005 my dad (whose an accountant) did the math.  You definitely save money when you get the Disney Dining Plan. For example, last year we went to a restaurant called Coral Reef. Our Bill came to $105. 00 but we only paid the tip! See what I mean? You do pay in advance for the dining plan, which is roughly $100.00 but multiple approximately $105.00 per day you stay there... Yikes!

Disney offer's FREE dining plan every year.
Which Dining plan do I Recommend?

There are 3 types of plans: 
Quick Service, Basic and Deluxe.

Quick Service plan gives you only quick service meals 2x a day w/ 2 snacks a day. 
Basic Plan you get: 1 quick service, 1 snack and 1 table service
Deluxe Plan: 3 table service and two snacks.

When my mom and I go we get the basic. With Deluxe you mostly spend your time sitting and eating while you can be out doing rides and attractions. Plus I don't know who can eat that much in the first place.
What my mom and I do we get the basic. We split our Quick Service. Like I'll split my quick service for breakfast and she'll split her quick service meal for lunch. That way we both have a bit. Plus splitting meals = less calories intake
With the Quick Service you get: Drink, Entre, and Dessert. With the Table Service you get the entre, drink, and dessert.
Now a days you also get a FREE refill Cup which you can use at your hotel for the duration of your stay. 

When you are on the Disney Dining Plan you should make ADR's. ADR's are Advance Dining Reservations, which are totally needed for your vacation. What Disney changed about ADR's is that you now need to book ADR's with a credit card. Disney charges you $10.00 per person for same day cancellation which in my opinion is really stupid. But what can we do?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disney World Vacation Tips and Tricks. HOTELS

Disney World Tips.

If you are traveling to Disney World for the first time, or first time with extended family, my first tip is to stay on property. Staying on Disney property has a lot of perks and advantages. But of course there's a slight disadvantage (which i will tell you at the end of this entry).

First perk you have is transportation and luggage. Disney offer's transportation to AND from the airport (MCO). Disney takes care of your luggage so once you step off the plane you just have to find your way to the Disney Buses.(Your luggage will be in your room in the afternoon, so pack a carry on case).

Disney also offers transportation to and from the parks from your hotel. Type of transportation differs from different levels of hotel. Value (buses) Moderate (buses & boats?) and Deluxe (Buses, Monorail and/or boats).

Another advantage of staying on property is that you have the option to send those souvenir's from the parks to your hotel so you don't have to carry them around all day. (You do have the option to send them to the front of the park which is usually only available in the mornings).

The one disadvantage of staying on property is that your pretty much stuck at Disney unless you pay for a taxi cab if you want to go to Universal Studios or somewhere else.