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Disney Dining Plan: Tips

Disney Dining Tips

My mom and I have been going to Disney yearly since 2005. We always stay on property and get the Basic Dining Plan. The dining plan has changed over the years. Some for the better and some for the worse. I have a few tips on how to get the most out of the Basic Dining Plan.
on the basic dining plan, we get 1 quick service (QS) 1 Snack (S) and 1 Table Service (TS).

Arrival Tips:
We save 2 QS the first day to use on the last day by bringing something home-made. Our flights are usually in the morning and get in by noon. So we eat the home-made item (usually a sandwich) for lunch at the resort before we go to the parks.
Saving 1 QS per person on the first day, allows us to have food on the last day we are there. Depending on if we have left over food from our TS we eat that for breakfast the last day, and therefore we have 1 QS per person for lunch before we leave.
Restaurants that require 1 or 2 TS per person
Majority of the restaurants at the parks/hotels/downtown only require 1 TS per person and then there are some that require 2 TS per person. After experiencing a bad experience with a restaurant that requires 2 TS we only go to the restaurants that only require 1. We realized that what the 2 TS restaurant serves we can find at another restaurant that only requires 1. It's either the same or very similar. Like most restaurants serve Steak or chicken. Why use 2 TS for a steak that you can get somewhere for 1 TS?

With all dining plans you get snacks. The basic only has 1 per person per day. The snacks can consist of liquid (what a waste), fruit (if you are watching what you eat), and ice cream and more. We usually have left over snacks because the snacks can be huge, and 1 snack can service 2 people like funnel cake at Sleepy Hallow in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. The snacks you save you can use for a bag of popcorn from the gift store for the plan ride home or you can eat them at home to remember your trip. We don't use our snack credits for liquids.

Quick Service TIPS
In the morning we eat our quick service at the resort and it comes with either a cup to fill for coffee/tea or a bottle  of water/soda. Since Dining plans come with a refill cup per person, it's more ideal to op for the bottle of liquid then to fill a cup for coffee/tea, since you can use your refill cup for coffee/tea/soda. That way you can save the bottle of liquid for the parks in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner if someone gets thirsty. Many restaurants and carts will give you a cup of ice if you ask.

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