Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Again!! Update!

Right now it is 4:21pm on August 3rd 2015. As I start this blog post I think to myself that I should really be on the phone with Disney World trying to sort out the many problems that I have for the upcoming trip along with giving them our flight numbers...

But instead, I'm typing this post. Lol.
Today I went to 3 Thrift Stores. The first one I went to I was extremely lucky...and to think I almost didn't go. lol.

My first find was a vinylmation figure...a really rare one (in my book) that I really wanted...

Director Mickey...(he's in great shape, has all his accessories and even comes with his original tin Box)  The best thing about him was that he was under $3.00! I honestly was thinking they would want an arm and a leg for it since their other stuff is outragously priced.

As I spotted the vinylmation, I also spotted Mickey ears but decided to hold off on them until the last minute. As I walked around I came across a Sorcerer Mickey Mouse pin. I think its from a Fantasmic Event since it has a back drop. It was under $2.00

(Sorry No Pic)

The last thing I decided to buy was the ears... They are Kids ears though. But for $1.00 you can't go wrong.

Now I have to get on the phone with Disney to sort out the problems. One prob I have is that the name on the credit card is wrong. I am very surprised it even went through. The second they have us as 1 Adult and 1 Child for dining plan. It would be okay if it was just cheaper but the child menu isn't the same as the adult and I rather not pick off the child menu. lol. 

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