Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's a Small Greedy World.....

It used to be a place where a person could go to have "fun" with their family, reminisce about their days, and walk down the middle of Main Street feeling that Disney Feeling, smelling the smells of the bakery while gazing at the castle where Cinderella calls home.

Now...It's a Greedy World, and not so Disney Feeling World as well all know. My mom and i used to go every year since 2005 and stayed on property because the guests staying on property got perks like being in the parks either an hour early or 3 hours late. But now... for $69.00 anyone can purchase the perk of being in the park an hour early.

Not only that, but Disney has closed down many popular attractions that people loved such as The Back Lot tour. Instead of upgrading the tour to include many new movie props/costume etc they closed it down to make it a store for Star Wars merchandise.

I won't be surprised when Disney starts making guests pay to pose with characters like Mickey & Minnie, Goofy & Donald... or pay to use the bus systems that take you from the Disney owned hotels to the parks....

As far as I am concerned I am no longer a Disney fan. People have ruined Disney World for my mom and myself and our family. Instead of making the parks revolve around family, it now revolves around how much money can we get from our guests. But of course like everything it's the guests decision(s) whether or not to purchase an item/perk or experience but in my eyes "greed" ruins everything.

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